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  • Wizik
    A shining star
    this is what I call a bergain. I've bought gift set at a very decent price. I was expecting worst, considering the price. but the flashlight surprised me a lot. positively. it looks very good. mate black anodizing and red accents. some art manager did his homework well. it's not a king of power, but offers reasonable amount of light. the reflector is plastic, but flawless spill. no blurrs in light pattern. they have even thought of some great dissipation installing additional pad under the led pad. summing up: if you're looking for nice looking flashlight with an average performance - you won't be disappointed.

    Dec 07,2018

  • Al
    XPE single flashlight
    I purchased a pair of these and received slightly different lights. The unbranded flashlight is 3 mode, high-low-strobe with a green button. The Ultrafire is 5 mode, high-medium-low-strobe-SOS, with a black button. The overall finish is better on the Ultrafire. I took a chance since there was not much to go by in the description and think it's a good deal if you get the Ultrafire. Whether or not you get it I have no idea since neither came looking the the stock photos with red button and ring. Boxes and parts numbers were the same so there's that. :)

    Mar 22,2019

  • diy365
    Who knew such a cheap light would work so well, and the brightness is excellent at full power

    Nov 29,2018