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  • majo
    The bracelet working well. Except blood pressure monitoring, but, it is unpossible to measure pressure with any bracelet, its physically unpossible. So, the pressure function is only for fun. everithing else working good. The biggest disappointment is sthe mobile aplication. cannot remember measure units (m/miles, C/F degrees), only working sleep monitoring, steps counter shows less/or 0 steps, while the bracelet show thousands of steps.
    Conclusion: The software is poor, the bracelet itself is good.
    The software is poor/partly unusable

    Feb 27,2018

  • Aravinda
    All the functions mentioned in the product description are working fine. Application is user friendly and easy to use. Has a good look. Option to monitor blood pressure is a unique feature available in this where many other health tracker in the same price range haven't. All the social media app logs (fb,watzup,viber....) are stored, so you can exactly know what app has got a new notification when your device connected with phone via Bluetooth.
    Be careful about the strap, since it cannot replace only itself.

    Aug 02,2017

  • Jonathan
    Puede mejorar
    El producto en si es bueno. La calidad de los materiales es bastante buena y durable.
    Pueden mejorar la aplicación, ya que por momentos no puedo vincular el teléfono con la banda por lo que me resulta a veces inútil utilizarla. Otra cosa que me gustaría que tomaran en cuenta para futuros productos de este tipo es que las correas puedan ser intercambiables, para así poder usar de manera más exhaustiva el producto.

    Nov 18,2018

  • giannis
    Το συγκεκριμένο προϊόν είναι πολύ καλό για τα λεφτά αλλά έχει ένα θεματακι.. Σε κατάσταση υψηλού φωτισμού έξω με ήλιο δεν φαίνεται τίποτα.. Η φωτεινότητα του είναι τραγική.. Κατά τα άλλα κάνει ότι ακριβώς λέει. Επίσης υπάρχει εφαρμογή στο playstore που κάνει καταγραφή αν την κατεβάσεις.
    Κανένα άλλο πρόβλημα

    Aug 08,2017

  • Abdulaev Musa
    Отличный помощник, измеряет пульс, давление, шаги, метраж и калории. Долго держит заряд. Качественная сборка. Пока не связывал с смартфоном по причине отсутствия, но думаю все будет работать т.к. видется как устройство на смартфонах друзей, надо только софт установить. Меня и так устраивает. Нажатием на сенсорную кнопку можно выбрать необходимую функцию. Одним словом очень рад приобретению.
    минусов пока не обнаружил

    Dec 29,2017

  • Tan Tian-An
    Very good value tracker
    Super long battery life! Probably more than 1 month usage from a full charge. Looks great, slim fit on wrist. Twisting your wrist will activate it and the vibration notification is quite strong - enough to use as a morning alarm. Bluetooth 4.0 battery usage is very low so will not affect your phone battery too much.
    Band fastener a little difficult to use at first but you will get used to attaching it with one hand.
    Heartbeat reading counts fewer than my Samsung phone heart sensor. Cannot comment on blood pressure reading as I don't have another.
    Note that if your app doesn't detect wristband, check your android app permissions. Allow it control your bluetooth and it will work fine again.

    Sep 08,2017

  • darren y
    Simple accurate tracker
    Simple and very cheap step tracker. Very accurate step tracking, even better than more expensive ones. Curved shape of tracker is very comfortable to wear.
    HR monitor is accurate but slow to update, not suitable for exercising.
    Time function goes haywire when not sync to phone regularly.

    Nov 14,2017

  • Mariosmci
    QS80 smart band
    πολυ καλο .Αργησε λιγο παρισσοτερο απο το κανονικο.κατα τα αλλα πολυ καλο προιον.εχω φερει αρκετα και σε ολους τους χροματισμους σε γεννικες γραμμες πολυ καλο
    προσοχη σε ολους μην το βαζετε μεσα στον μπανιο γιατι θα χαλασει η μπαταρια του.εγω εχω κανει 2 φορες μπανιο και μετα χαλασε η μπαταρια του.

    Mar 20,2018

  • Bilal
    QS80 Heart Rate Smart Wristband Android iOS Compatibility shop product
    Good product does not have any problems, I liked this product and then bought it, Good product does not have any problems, I liked this product and then bought it

    Feb 26,2018

  • Peter
    QS80 Heart Rate Smart
    good day, I give 4 star, with clocks somspokojny, good good, good battery, all functions act as I have, but in direct light the display is poorly readable
    I would not recommend this product for display

    Oct 28,2018