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  • Edwards Leo
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    Gift for my friend's son
    Yesterday, I paid a visit to an old friend and gave his son this fidget action cube. As soon as he got it, he did not put it down. I was happy to introduce different modes to him. And he was so excited and thanked me for giving him this toy.In fact, I have been playing this kind of fidget cube for about three months. It is awesome and you never feel bored when you are challenging yourself to the four different modes. The blocks are slid and flipped smoothly, your hands would not feel tired. Playing with it thrill me more than playing a magic cube. As a party-goer, I often take it with me to and enter the multiplayer mode with my friends. Everyone can take part in the game. I have never found a magic cube like this before.
    I did not found anything unpleasant. One can always mute this device if he / she does not want the music or voice prompt.

    Jan 27,2018

  • ELSAa
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    Amazing Magic Cube Games
    Love it! The lights and music are great. There are four modes you can choose. Rotate the blocks on either side to select a mode, and flip them up / down to enter. You just need to twist or slide to match three or four LED lights. There are different levels. Each time I progress, I become more and more nervous. It is kind of addictive. I have never held a magic cube for hours. This one is quite different. I have been playing with this fidget action cube for a month, and have not yet got tired of it.At weekends, my friends and I often compete to see who's the fastest.In a word, it is an interesting game console and my favorite cube!
    Nothing at all. Wonderful!

    Jan 15,2018

  • Bill Geek
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    This fidget cube helps me to kill time during a journey
    As travelling has become a routine for me, I feel dull and impatient. My best friend sent me this as a gift, and asked me to write the comment, for which I was very grateful.This cube helps me to kill time during a journey. As soon as you turn it on, lights and sounds lead you into the world of games. The cube is as interesting as playing with Super Mario.You do not need to think too much, everything is spontaneous, flipping or sliding. However, the challenges come in a row. Your heart beats fast, and sometimes you are too nervous to react. There is also the limit of time. I think it is an amazing fidget toy.
    Nope. But I hope it can be small enough to fit in my pocket.

    Jan 25,2018

  • Jobe I
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    My daughter is very interested in it
    My daughter is very interested in this fidget cube with music and light. Although she did't know the instruction, she was very excited and patient to find out more about it. To solve this fidget cube is much easier than a Rubik's cube.It excites them and trains their response time. She is now able to move the blocks really fast each time the lights show up. After she got this cube, my phone only belongs to me. However, I hope she can pass all the levels soon :)ps. My mom passed by yesterday, and I saw them playing happily together. I was really amazed.
    None. This is such a great upgraded magic cube! Perfect for kids.

    Jan 24,2018

  • Mickelson_x
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    Great Cube Games for Family Time
    Everything has become different, since my daughter has discovered this toy in her elder brother's room. We played with it in that evening and had a good time. So I bought this new one for her. She was upset before 'cause she was unable to solve a cube. This one is so easy. The only thing you need to do is matching the colors. She cheers each time she enters the next level and we compete to see who can get higher scores.
    It is a little too big for small hands, but the blocks move well.

    Jan 11,2018

  • schmidi
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    nice toy .. it makes fun to play with them.good build quality and colors ..its easy to use .. the handling is usefull cons:all modis are with time limit, so for kids and beginners its very hard and for young kids its not to solve.its hard to understand the voice

    Jan 12,2019

  • yakov
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    this game is very fun to play my kid love it and very satisfied made of a very good materiel and high quality build good price when i buy it i get my with 2 battery included

    Apr 15,2018

  • amioba
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    Jan 08,2019

  • marco
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    1) nice strong light2)nice sounds and voice3)Lots of levels 4)lots of game modes5)strong product does not break easily6)bats last for alot of time
    none that i can findthe game is not for babies

    May 26,2018

  • EgidijusB
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    Fun Game
    This is a very interesting game for kids that I've never seen before. It's a really unique take on the rubiks cube. So far it works well. Would recommend.

    Oct 29,2018