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  • elBardos
    excellent quality mouse
    comfortable at hand, easy to install, its buttons are a bit hard at first but with use they become softer, it does not have software to customize the side buttons but with any third party software you can perfectly, the button to change the Speed is very useful depending on the precision that is needed, it comes with a handy rechargeable AA battery via USB, since if you easily damage it replace it with another, the receiver comes inside the lower face of the mouse, it is just what I needed For a fair price, I loved it.

    Nov 27,2019

  • Rodolfo Luis
    Completo y de buena calidad
    El producto es idéntico al de la imagen, tiene una botonera completa y funciona muy bien.
    Viene con un otg tipo-c de regalo que también puede ser usado para conectarlo a un puerto usb tipo-c, el dpi es ajustable y bastante preciso, aun no probé el tiempo de carga ni la duración total pero parece ser muy bueno
    El paquete trae un cable de 80 centímetros, algo corto pero correcto para su precio
    Lo recomiendo porque es muy bonito y de excelente calidad para el precio.

    Jan 01,2020

  • nicu
    very nice mouse, looks good , feels good, moves good. I made only a quick test but for the long term the time will tell. So far so good, I recomend the product and. the price is good

    Feb 04,2020

  • mouse
    I really liked it
    it's so cool and fantastic. i really liked it . I use like for everything. gaming and office stuff. i highly recommend it. i didn't even charge it for a month or two months and it still work perfectly .

    Mar 04,2020

  • Mouiz
    Excellent Mouse
    I just received the mouse, it's looks just like the photos in the description, the buttons are soft and it's very fast and comfortable at hand as well ...
    i really like it and i absolutely recommend it to everyone

    Jan 13,2020

  • Jose
    The time of delivery was very bad, almost two months to arrive (very disapointed).
    The mouse is excellent for the price.
    Nice slide on several surfaces, and it fits very well on the hand.
    I recomend it

    Jan 23,2020

  • Jose Luis Ramirez
    Excellent, it works correctly, plus you don't spend on battery.
    I really liked its materials and finishes, and you don't spend on batteries and take care of the environment.
    Its loading is very simple and fast.

    Feb 26,2020

  • Johnny
    Awesome mouse
    This is the most awesome mouse I have ever had. Is goes good with my big palm. The clicks are very soft, noone around can really hear you click. Thats it awesome for example for nightly gaming.

    Mar 24,2020

  • Barbone
    Optical Wireless Mouse
    Very good mouse.
    Silicon surface guarantees optimal touch and grip
    Integrated rechargeable battery: no more spare batteries to think at
    Wireless connection: no annoying cables

    Jan 01,2020

  • Anders
    Wonderful mouse
    this a first class mouse for desktop use.
    it has web backwards and forwards buttons and a Windows key. the scroll wheel is nice and wide.

    Jan 22,2020