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  • monma01
    Tak (0) Kolor: White Rozmiar: EU Plug, 1 Battery without Storage Bag
    Sono eccitato finora. Ho aggiornato il firmware anche prima del mio primo volo. È stato veloce, facile e consigliato! Possiedo altri quad di fascia alta e dal vedere cosa c'è là fuori e cosa ottieni dal Zino molto più economico sono molto impressionato! Questo quad è fantastico nella mano e la costruzione della fotocamera sembra durevole. L'ho volato un bel po 'nelle ultime due settimane e l'ho posseduto, quindi mi sento bene. È ricco di tutte le funzionalità quad più costose come il monitoraggio e altre funzionalità intelligenti. Waypoint funziona alla grande. Senza testa e cerchio vola. Il gimble a 3 accessi è davvero bello !! Ogni volta che tiro fuori lo Zino sono sorpreso di come si esibisce. Ho raggiunto 1,2 km di distanza, bello e alto .... Sono molto contento della distanza dello Zino. La batteria è durata 25 minuti con venti abbastanza forti ancora una volta sono rimasto molto colpito! Hubsan lavora quotidianamente per migliorare lo Zino, quindi continuerà a migliorare. Per qualcuno che vuole tutte le campane e fischietti della concorrenza ad un ottimo prezzo, lo Zino è un grande botto per i tuoi soldi! Consiglierò sicuramente questo quad

    Dec 09,2019

  • Nelson Carllyle
    Tak (1) Kolor: White Rozmiar: US Plug, 1 Battery without Storage Bag
    Stable, Easy to Fly and Good Quality
    The Hubsan H117S drone is an advanced drone jam packed with load of features. I have couple of other drones but neither of them is as good as this one.The drone comes with very good transmission range, about 1KM, I took the drone to 116 meters in altitude and it was very much responsive, and in control. The stability of the drone at that altitude was very impressive, it was holding its altitude pretty well. Take-off and landing is super easy, it can automatic take-off and landing. This drone also comes with automatic return home failsafe option, come back to the start location. The drone is also equipped with follow me mode, which is very cool. The follow me mode operates using the built-in GPS signal, following you wherever you go.

    May 11,2019

  • Christian Petermann
    Tak (0) Kolor: White Rozmiar: US Plug, 1 Battery without Storage Bag
    Erwartungen voll und ganz erfüllt
    Ich wollte eine "kleine" transportable Drohne mit ausreichend Reichweite und guter Akku Kapazität wie auch live Übertragung und guter Kamera Qualität.Alles das bietet meiner Meinung nach diese Drohne.Die Reichweite konnte ich bisher auf ca 800m testenDie Flugzeit mit Video Aufnahme beträgt ca 18-20 Minuten bei einer Rest Kapazität von ca 20%Die Videos sehen bei 4 k scharf und detailliert aus. In HD etwas verwaschen.Ich bin voll auf zufrieden mit der Drohne.Den einzig negativen Punkt welchen ich anführen möchte ist das Update Prozedere für die Firmware der Fernbedienung.Hier muss ein Kontakt verbunden/gebrückt werden damit die neue Firmware aufgespielt werden kann.Das Update für die Drohne und die Kamera /gimbal lassen sich problemlos ausführen.Ein computer ist hierfür zwingend notwendig

    Oct 01,2019

  • Martin Stephen
    Tak (1) Kolor: White Rozmiar: US Plug, 3 Batteries + 1 Storage Bag
    Very stable, easy to fly!
    The Hubsan H117S drone is powerful, especially compared to my first drone. It’s smooth to fly and the auto-land works beautifully. Really have not had many initial problems.The controller is very comfortable to hold and recharges relatively quickly. The drone works stable, with the well-built quality. This drone has a very cool look, both the drone & the remote controller have a refined look-n-feel, operate very smoothly and the overall construction feels more solid & durable than most other drones that I’ve flown in this price range. With the larger lithium battery allows for over 20 minutes flying, very durable and outstanding.HAPPY and SAFE FLYING!

    Apr 03,2019

  • Alessio
    Tak (2) Kolor: White Rozmiar: EU Plug, 3 Batteries + 1 Storage Bag
    Prodotto Eccellente
    Prodotto acquistato con un coupon sconto ad un prezzo veramente conveniente. Questo non ha fatto altro che aumentare il rapporto qualità prezzo di questo drone.Si tratta del mio primo drone, non ho avuto nessuna difficoltà nella sua configurazione e nell'eseguire i primi voli. La camera 4K stabilizzata su tre assi garantisce delle riprese ottimali.Nonostante l'assenza di una VPU e di altri sensori, la stabilità in volo di questo drone è veramente sorprendente, così come soprendenti sono i continui aggiornamenti da parte di Hubsan che mirano a coprire dei piccoli ed inevitabili difetti.La borsa inclusa nella confezione è veramente di qualità, robusta e perfetta per il trasporto del drone e dei suoi accessori in comodità

    Aug 28,2019

  • L.G. Alexander
    Tak (1) Kolor: White Rozmiar: EU Plug, 3 Batteries + 1 Storage Bag
    What an amazing drone!
    What an amazing drone! I've had several but am still a novice flyer. I suggest you do some search before buying any drone. So glad I went with this. Camera is really great, lots of moods you can do to get more range also. The video feed is really clear and does not appear to have vibration lines, although I just wish the screen was a little bigger. I have not actually run a full battery dead, but I have had a few decent flights with battery left over so I feel without full throttle all the time. Its more likely to crash as it moves a lot faster with less control. So be sure to take protective measures, especially not to let it fly out in thunderstorms.

    Jul 19,2019

  • Allen Roger
    Tak (1) Kolor: White Rozmiar: US Plug, 1 Battery + 1 Storage Bag
    Absolutely incredible product! I feel in love with the H117S now, and experiencing the incredible customer service. This drone just arrived this morning and I was already able to get it up for the first test flight. I was very pleasantly surprised at how nice the video and photos came out and how steady this remained even in beginner mode with GPS. It equipped with the 4K UHD camera, has an excellent panoramic features, let aerial photography be full of joy.I purchased this as I wanted something I could utilize for higher quality aerial photos at an increased distance and this does it all.

    Apr 16,2019

  • jliss
    Tak (1) Kolor: White Rozmiar: US Plug, 1 Battery without Storage Bag
    This is what you want.
    I love the Hubsan H117S. So many great features at a great price. I’m new to this and I found it pretty easy to fly. Got to fly this for the first time last weekend. Camera works well but I was disappointed by the FPV signal back to the transmitter. I checked all the connections and there appeared to be no issues. It's so much fun to fly and so easy to fly. It's the best! Anybody can set this up and be flying with mins. Drone flies well and has enough beginner modes to get up and going. It's nice that these features can be disabled when one is ready to advance their skill level. Seriously this is what you want.

    Jul 26,2019

  • buyer
    Tak (0) Kolor: White Rozmiar: EU Plug, 2 Batteries + 1 Storage Bag
    Hubsan Zino
    This is my second drone. After installing and trialing to fly I was really wondered with this my purchase. There is no any issues regarding quality of drone assembling, or camera picture or movie quality. This is amazing purchase, I am satisfacted at all. Now I can to make my own films and to share to my friends. 2 batteries, bag, all those things are in my purchase. Drone with gimbal is first my experience, I'm realy glad with that. Hope the wind does not rob for me my toy :D Reccomended for newbies and professionals,, High quality and not so expensive

    Aug 09,2019

  • Hunter
    Tak (0) Kolor: White Rozmiar: EU Plug, 2 Batteries + 1 Storage Bag
    By far the best drone I have ever had
    I received the withe edition and it is the H117S. This is by far the best drone I have ever had. Overall I'm satisfied pretty good. Lightweight, great transmitter, FPV is awesome, easy to mod, battery life is good with good flight times, very responsive. RTF works well, bright lights for identification. Overall, this is a great drone with lots of great features for beginners to advanced flyers. Easy to transport if you get the hard case. Your will just need to modify it so it fits the advanced transmitter.

    Jul 15,2019