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    High precisio capacitive touch pen.
    Hello! Yesterday I received the pen, it came very quickly. Very easy to use and functional on my phone and tablet. It charges very quickly and is what they described to me with its features. Thank you very much!

    Jul 16,2020

  • Katalin Csángó
    reliable, works accurately
    It charges quickly and has a low power consumption, so it can be used for a long time. Care should be taken to turn the power on and off, it will not turn off automatically.

    Oct 26,2019

  • Yuri
    Hello. Stylus is working properly with Apple Ipad.
    Attention, depend of the version of Ipad stylus can work in different ways.
    With my iPad 32GB Wi-Fi stylus the stylus pointer must be vertical against the screen.
    On other models of iPad, stylus can be inclided also like a pen, so it can work more smoothly.

    Dec 11,2019

  • Petrus Cătălin
    Very good
    Work fine on all my phones and tablets.I guess I will buy another one.

    Jan 17,2020