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  • Darryl Felder
    Comfortable, great battery life, and great sound quality
    These are a great pair of headphones. The audio quality is great and the buds themselves are comfortable in the ear. I used these headphones for meetings as well and no one had any issues with audio quality on their side. It is also nice that you can use each buds individually if you want to keep the opposite ear open to listen to the outside environment. Overall these are a great purchase for anyone looking for a budget set of earbuds. They are comfy, have great sound quality and battery life.

    Jul 29,2020

  • seigafolava
    Amazing wireless headphones for this price
    I was looking for a wireless headphone primarily for listening to music, but occasionally to take calls on. I wanted something with a reasonable price tag, that would hold a charge and block out external noise at the gym. I have really loved these so far. The noise cancelling is great, and they have a really good sound. They set up in less than a minute. I have no issues with the bluetooth losing connection. I don't think you can get better quality for the price.

    Jul 23,2020

  • Gioia
    Serious audio bang for your buck
    Love them! The highs and mids are solid, and the bass is a lot better than I expected at this price point. The battery life is also solid. I appreciate the USB-C charging port as many of my other devices now use USB-C so it's nice to be able to consolidate chargers. The case size is also very small (in a good, compact way) so it's very comfortable to just toss in any pocket and forget it's even there.

    Jul 27,2020

  • Stewart D.
    Big sound, compact case Even more compact price
    My favorite part is how small and compact do you re-charging case is so that I can finally walk around with it in my pocket instead of it hanging off my side. Totally recommend!!

    Jul 30,2020

  • Lenard G
    Wireless earbuds
    Great product. They fit my ears perfectly. They also don’t have those ugly stick attachments hanging out your ears like some other brands.

    Jul 28,2020

  • Mary Walton
    Legit earbud
    The earbuds case is quite small compare to the earbuds. The earbuds kinds of big. It fit with medium and big ears.

    Jul 19,2020

  • King Back
    Great bang for the price
    Very easy to connect with my phone. Range is great too. Sound quality is top notch as i’ve tested it’s limits.

    Jul 20,2020

  • Lucas Cordeiro
    Great earphones!
    It works as far as I've expected, great sound, nice noise-canceling, and fits well in the ears. I recommend it!

    Oct 13,2020

  • Dadof7
    My new go to headphones
    Sound is very crisp, with some great bass. No slip from my ears and the design is nice and sleek.

    Jul 25,2020

  • Theodore
    Excellent Headphones!
    The material to make it very good feeling. The sound quality is very good and high volume

    Jul 24,2020