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  • Shonna
    I was on the phone...speaker, while I put it on. Didn't have to concentrate or use a card to get air bubbles out. None of that to deal with. just fit perfect. Well worth the wait

    Jan 05,2019

  • Lopes
    You get what is prmissed
    It came in the box what you ordered.
    Now only the time will say the quality.
    Easier to adapt than the thick flexible protection.

    Dec 14,2018

  • Pedro
    resistente de boa qualidade, ponto negativo só mesmo o facto de se notar a cola nas bordas do "edge".

    Jan 04,2019

  • Cristiano
    ja me protegeu varias vezes o ecrã , muito bom . adquiri mais de 1 por isso mesmo. derivado ao uso do telemovel

    Oct 18,2019

  • Fatima
    Boa qualidade

    Jan 16,2019