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  • chua
    Gocomma B1 colour display
    At first glance it look very good. The QC are not very good. Glueing of the cover are not good. These are supposed to be waterproof or at least droplets proof. After using it for 2 weeks water went in through the gap where the glue miss out to seal. And water went in. The green LED sensor went crazy blinking lightly non stop. Open it up and clean the end join of the ribbon connection for the sensor LED which is connected to the board . And it seems water when in quite some time ( through washing hand only ) as there is White dry water stain. Clean with alcohol and everything's back to normal. Put back cover and used loctite 480( black rubber loctite) to permanent glue it. Its not a clean seal but I make sure not to leave a gap as this is a one time permanent glue. normal used, battery last 3 days. Notification via hand phone to the sport smartwatch cannot be notified unless the apps is open at background and cannot be closed if you want notification. End product is it worth buying at around $9-10 ? So if you're going to buy this smart watch, make sure at first hand once you get it is to seal it up the gap before using it. And also software opening at background if you want notification.

    May 18,2020

  • Ron Ellis
    Love it
    I bought it for my son. He is enjoying it a lot. It really is a quality product and delivers on what it promises. Has heart rate monitoring 24 hours a day; sleep tracking accurately; physical activity monitoring; alarms with gentle vibration to wake up; call notifications, text messages, apps, and songs playing!
    Comes with bluetooth V4.0 for easy connection to multiple devices, the screen is capacitive and touch sensitive having 0.96 'and 120x240 RGB resolution!
    The battery lasts up to 10 days and fast charging plus has low charge alerts so you can use quietly without worrying about running out!

    Sep 20,2019

  • Burke Lynch
    Great performance
    The smart bracelet performs the functions for which it was designed and offers a nice package of features. One of its strong points is its customization, both on the hardware and software side. As mentioned above, data related to sleep, heart rate and physical activity monitoring are approximate, and are for reference only and cannot replace specialized tools or a real doctor. For this reason, this bracelet meets the needs of those who want to monitor physical activity in a casual way.

    Oct 16,2019

  • Gocomma sports smart watch bracelet
    Very intuative sports smart watch
    Gotta luv this sports watch it has all the features that a modern athlete needs to assess their daily performance or fitness goals. This watch has HR Monitor, BP monitor, Pedometer,gps, SPO2, mnHg, kcal counter, stopwatch, temperTure, can also sync with your android / ios phone so you can be notified if you have sms or calls. Overall an excellent watch for its cheap price. Very good

    Nov 29,2019

  • m4rian
    GoComma B1 Bracelet
    according to bracelets price, buying it was a great deal. Nice shiny display works in two modes with smaller or larger digits. Some effort was needed to install recommended app on my phone. it seems to consume too much energy from the battery. Both the app and the bracelet operate in english language only. Heart rate and blood pressure measurement are not much accurate. Oxygen saturation surpised me nicely. Some notifications such sa incoming SMS may come in handy.

    Jan 22,2020

  • Qualità prezzo ottimo compromesso
    Ottimo orologio giornaliero
    Materiali di buona qualità, precisione nelle misurazioni non al top ma per quello che costa sono più che soddisfatto, ottimo per il fatto che si possono vere sia sms che whatsapp in entrata oltre che le chiamate, la batteria dura in media due giorni e mezzo, e si sincronizza bene sia con Android che iOS.
    Lo consiglio a chi vuole un smartwatch senza troppe pretese.

    Feb 05,2020

  • Parsa
    Great watch with a great price
    I really love this watch. I have been using it for about a week and the battery lasts about four days for me. It is basically a Fitbit. I usually let it charge when I have a shower and it is at 80%-100% charged. I would definitely recommend it. All of the features work and yeah.

    Dec 05,2019

  • Boris Watt
    Different Features
    This little bracelet has lots of features that are easily located and are intuitive to operate. Screen has just the right degree of touch and swipe sensitivity, the watch is light and the wristband itself is surprisingly comfortable to wear, even at night when sleeping. Sync's seemlessly with the app. Battery is quick to charge and slow to discharge.

    Oct 19,2019

    It's a basic fitness tracker but accurate. It is not a smaller galaxy watch or anything like that. If you want to accurately track your workouts and that's all, this it it. If you want to store music, respond to texts, make phone calls? This ain't it.

    Jan 06,2020

  • Con
    For the price is very good
    The only thing that doesn't measure well is blood oxygen.
    Quality of the band is like every other similar products of famous brands. The app is quite good. So does the job.

    Jan 09,2020