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  • Lucia
    Highly recommend
    I am very impressed with this hidden camera. This is a mini body camera with a USB port. We purchased it originally because we have two kids and we have different babysitters. we want to check the video to see what happens when we’re not around. This is also great for tricking the kids or my husband on jokes.

    Nov 30,2020

  • Serina
    I found the most comfortable place was in my front jeans pocket, even though the video would be slightly slanted.

    Oct 11,2020

  • Sakura
    Recommend it to you
    This pocket camera is good quality, well made, unobtrusive and captures good quality video and sound.

    Nov 18,2020

  • Emma
    Better than I expected
    Looking forward to trying it out on my motorcycle for quick situational recordings.

    Jan 10,2021

  • Joshua
    Highly recommend
    This kind of evidence is the most reliable and unquestionable evidence there is.

    Sep 19,2020

  • Munroe
    5 thumbs up
    Recordings made with this device will definitely stand in good witness for you.

    Oct 24,2020

  • Susan
    Not bad
    This is such a cool little spy camera. It is very portable and inconspicuous.

    Sep 19,2020

  • Maria
    It’s easy to operate with only a few buttons.

    Nov 18,2020