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  • Claudia.doier
    Tak (0) Kolor: White
    So far so good
    I bought one for myself and my son. When my mother saw it, she wanted one too, so I ordered a third one for her. Because of my work, there are some things that I need to recharge all day. And it's easier than unplugging one from a port. Now I can plug them all into a charger at the same time, and so far it's worked well. It doesn't get hot.

    Apr 04,2019

  • A.Charles
    Tak (0) Kolor: White
    This was what I needed.
    I like it very much. It's useful if you have a lot of stuff to plug in. There is only one plug beside my bed and I always use the phone charger and earphone charger. I'm glad I bought this one, it can meet my requirements, and I don't find it too hot, and it saves more space and energy.

    Mar 27,2019

  • K
    Tak (0) Kolor: White
    Good charger
    Build - solid.
    Materials - very good.
    Charging Ampere depends from cable, mate 10 Lite is charging using 1.00A on cheap cable, but 1.25A on IKEA cable.

    May 11,2019

  • kristiy
    Tak (0) Kolor: White
    Would Buy Again
    I have two phones, plus an apple watch, and I hate that they take up my extension plug. This plug solves the problem. it allows all items to be charged quickly. These charger plugs are awesome! I think I got a great product with a great price.I love it. might buy another one for my trip.

    Mar 16,2019

  • George.Ric
    Tak (0) Kolor: White
    Excellent quality and reasonable price
    For a $7.99 3-port charger with a digital display, you won't get much better. This charger is so good that I would recommend it to anyone even three months after purchase. Even when all three ports are used, the charging time is fairly fast.

    Mar 06,2019

  • Excellent
    Tak (0) Kolor: White
    Hassle-free charger
    This is a great item for charging.

    No more fights for a free socket!

    May 15,2019