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  • Brus AK
    powerful electric scooter
    I was looking for a powerful electric scooter, with good autonomy, and well designed, and this product is in line with my expectations, in addition the seller is very professional, shipping from Germany and received within 3 weeks after payment, recommend!!!

    Dec 04,2019

  • Jevgen Usakov
    10 stars scooter
    I bought this same scooter from another salesman and after a month and a half of excuses and lies, I canceled the order and I haven't got my money back yet, but with this seller it was fantastic. In three days I had him at home. The scooter is a pass, it speeds up like a 125 bike and I was able to put it at 83 km/h in plain. The front light illuminates a lot, although the rear position is white and not red, something rare. The brake is red and the flashing, oranges. It's got alarm, though, but the horn sounds pretty good. The front suspension is a little hard and can't be regular, which makes it uncomfortable in the field at high speeds, but going slow is a pass, it goes up any hill and on any terrain, it has a lot of strength. If you want sensations for the field, this is the ideal scooter. And the seller is 10 stars.

    Apr 17,2020

  • Pete C
    One wild scooter
    While this scooter doesn't hit advertised speeds, I would say that for me it hits 50 km/h pretty quickly. Straight out of the box it is very fast and takes a little to get used to. My advice is buy some good protective equipment because if you fall off at these speeds you will end up in hospital. The brakes come on slow but hard, I'm hoping there is a fix for that because they are slow to respond but nearly throw you over the front of the scooter if you slam them on. All in all really happy with this scooter.

    Nov 12,2019

  • Andy
    I got a good support
    The order came already after 3 working days. Which is very fast. When shipping arrives, I had to pay another 80.- CHF at UPS for customs clearance. I'm very satisfied with this product. I am 105kg and I came to a speed of 75km / h. Battery lasts a long time. The charging takes about 6-7h. The power supply is a bit loud and annoying. Otherwise the product makes a very robust impression so far. I hope it stays that way. With the seller, the contact runs well and fast. Until now, I got a good support.

    Nov 29,2019

    watch out
    this is a grate scooter i received it in 5 days i am 48 years old and
    138 kg my top speed sofar was 62 km/h like second gear a lot of power i am thinking of selling my car i don't use it anymore
    for €1104.77 i can't get a good bicycle
    thank you

    Jul 27,2020

  • WOW !!! Super Great
    This scooter looks much better in live then on the photos
    I did order the 32Ah version with seat shipped from Germany. i recieved the scooter much faster this way. I way around the 100 kg mark and i can only say, WOW. This scooter is VERY FAST ! I cruise passed speedpedelecs like it is nothing. Believe me if i say that i am smiling the whole time when i ride this scooter.

    Nov 08,2019

  • andy pd
    The scooter is very good
    It gives a lot of joy. However, you have to be very careful, because in 2 gears it goes at a speed of 40 km/h and for such a vehicle it is a lot. I don't even try 3 gears!!!! 3200W is a lot. The 2-wheel drive, 11-inch tires and suspension give a lot of good. It's great off-road and on the asphalt. I suggest to buy a second charger and a helmet :-) I recommend

    Nov 29,2019

  • Aleksandr
    very solid, well-made scooter
    I love the scooter so far. The only downside I discovered is that the mudguards are not wide enough to properly protect you from the splashes when riding in wet conditions.

    Dec 16,2019

  • peter sl
    The beast scooter i have
    Good scooter. The beast is simple and very heavy of course. Estonia went from Germany for a week. like it very much. thanks. hope all going well in coming days.

    Nov 29,2019

  • tump s
    100% satisfied
    In vilnius delivery to doors-5 days. The goods came without a single scratch. Very serious and well-assembled device, satisfied extremely, riding it gives pleasure, thank you very much to the seller. Later i will add a review.

    Dec 04,2019