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CIMA T601 Naprawiono nóż ostrza
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CIMA T601 Naprawiono nóż ostrza

- Srebro

AUS - 8 Stal nierdzewna
4.67 54 Opinie | Please refer to English description
21.1 $22.36 6% ZNIŻKI
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Główne cechy:
- Białe ostrze ze stali nierdzewnej AUS - 8 z rękojeścią Micarta i czarnym ostrzem ze stali nierdzewnej AUS - 8 z rękojeścią G10
- Piękny i antypoślizgowy uchwyt, wygodny do noszenia
- Lekki i kieszonkowy

1. Trzymaj z dala od dzieci.
2. Ostre ostrze, ostrożnie trzymaj. Jeśli nie używaj, trzymaj go woreczku.
3. Biały nóż z ostrzem jest nieco cięższy od czarnego noża.



Marka: CIMA
Dla: Polowanie
Rodzaj: Naprawiono ostrze

Szczegóły Produktu

Typ ostrza ostrza: W porządku
Długość ostrza: 9,8 cm
Zakres długości ostrza: 5 cm-10 cm
Materiał ostrza: Stal nierdzewna
Uchwyt materiału: G10
Zakres wagi: 201g-500g

Podstawowe informacje

Rozmiar paczki: 25,00 x 8,00 x 5,00 cm / 9,84 x 3,15 x 1,97 cala
Waga paczki: 0,4310 kg
Wymiary produktu: 21,00 x 3,00 x 2,00 cm / 8,27 x 1,18 x 0,79 cala


Zawartość Paczki: 1 x nóż CIMA T601, 1 x woreczek, 1 x lina

CIMA T601 Naprawiono nóż ostrza- Srebro
CIMA T601 Naprawiono nóż ostrza- Srebro
CIMA T601 Naprawiono nóż ostrza- Srebro
CIMA T601 Naprawiono nóż ostrza- Srebro

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4.67 out of 5
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  • Steve Lewis
    A beautiful bushcraft knife.
    So much better than I was expecting. The knife is finished to a high quality and came nice and sharp. The micarta scales on mine have a blue tint which I really like. The main pin is stainless steel through brass and has been shaped and polished so that it sits perfectly flush with the micarta as have the other pins. Micarta is not cheap so to have such a quality linen micarta on a knife at this price is awesome.

    The fire rod in the handle is a good idea but as it's held in place by a lanyard you have to untie and retie knots every time it's used. Better to take a separate fire rod with you and keep the one in the handle for emergencies - say you lose/break your main rod. It works well though, the spine of the blade is sharp and hard enough to cause the fire rod to throw a shower of sparks.

    AUS-8 blade steel is perfectly good for bushcraft - it holds an edge relatively well, is easy to sharpen and is not overly prone to rust. Super steels may hold an edge for longer but are a pain to sharpen when they do go dull and carbon steels require a lot of maintenance to keep rust at bay.

    At just over 4mm thick the full tang blade is strong enough to withstand a lot of abuse including batoning - within reason. The blade is a full flat grind with a v bevel cutting edge of 98mm (a little under 4 inches). The handle to blade ratio is 50:50 - a hair over 100mm (4 inches) of each which I like very much but it does mean that the handle is smaller than on some other knives with similar sized blades, however my hands are medium to large and I do not find the handle cramped.

    There are many similarly styled knives on the market made from similar materials costing well over $100 - the price Gearbest is charging for this work of art must make it one of the knife bargains of the century.
    The sheath does not retain the knife when held upside down - the knife falls out easily. It also does not match the quality of the knife - a friction fit leather sheath would have been so much better.

    Nov 09,2017

  • Low351
    Nice piece of steel
    I was hoping for the blue tinted micarta but I got the grey. It's a nice blade, sharpest out of the box I have received, took more of my arm hair off than I was ready for :)

    I don't mind the striker being in the handle, I would treat it as a last resort since it's barely thicker than a drafting pencil lead or a chicken brochet skewer. With that in mind I've knotted up the parachord provided with it.

    The sheath does little to hold it in there is no lining other than the nylon material it's made of. I would have paid the same price minus the sheath though, so I look at it as I've got something to keep it in until I get a decent one.

    I like the build and the handle, though it's a tad slippery. I wouldn't want to thrust too hard with it and have my fingers slip onto the razor sharp blade. But I'm not fighting anything but cheese with it so it's a moot point.

    Added a photo in my hand so you can judge the size, It was slightly smaller than I though it would be but I have large hands (always need XL gloves).

    Happy to have it in my collection. As nice as my Buck 103 just needs a comparable sheath

    Feb 13,2019

  • Owen
    Best knife for the price
    Awesome AUS 8 Stainless Steel blade! Very good quality and very sharp! I own knives that are 10 times the price of this and this holds up very well in terms of quality. A nice thick tang and very well crafted micarta handles. The nylon sheath is impressive quality at this price point too. I would've like torx screws instead of the handle pins but that's more so preference. The fire lighter seems to work fine. Bought as a gift for my father and he loves it.
    The firelighter in the handle should have a pin release system instead of the Paracord knot as it's too difficult to thread through for each use. Still, you can easily put a pin, keyring, etc in place after purchase.

    Cima logo slightly off place on blade.

    Feb 18,2017

  • Aleksandr
    CIMA G20 отличный нож для своих целей!
    Очень качественный нож,накладки рукояти из пикапов приятного красноватого цвета с отличным узором. Сталь клинка из AUS-8 хорошо оттермичена, спуски ровные, режущая кромка симметричная. Нож заточен хорошо, предплечье бреет из коробки, коробка симпатичная, приятно держать в руках. Неплохие ножны с разными вариантами ношения на ремне. Есть небольшой кармашек, в который можно поместить брусочек для правки-заточки. Огниво тонковато, но задачу свою выполняет. Нож в руке удобен разными хватами. За такие деньги суперский нож!

    Dec 01,2018

  • Assassin
    Schönes Messer mit schlechter Scheide
    Das Messer selber gefällt mir sehr gut. Es etwas klein, liegt aber noch sehr gut in der Hand. Für feinere Arbeiten. Der integrierte Feuerstahl für den Notfall gefällt mir auch.

    Die Scheide ist für die Tonne. Das Messer passt einfach nicht zur Scheide und wird darin auch nicht ausreichend gehalten. Die Druckknöpfe zur Gürtelbefestigung sind nicht sehr stramm. Das Messer hängt am Gürtel zu tief. Positiv ist die kleine Tasche vorne drauf.

    Fazit: Tolles Messer, miserable Scheide

    Jan 08,2019


    Thank you for your time.

    Any issue please kindly feel free to contact our support center, we are always here to provide the solutions for you.

    Please kindly review our warranty policy here:

    Many thanks!

    Best regards,

    Mar 24,2019

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