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  • Steve
    Great Stylish Helmet
    This is a great looking helmet and the LED light on the back is a nice addition. The 'netting' inside makes for a very comfortable fit which is better that the usual 'lumps' of foam most use. For my head there was a little bit too much room at the sides which caused 'wobble'. However putting in some extra foam pads solved that.
    None so far

    Feb 06,2015

  • Lorenzo Salusti
    Impressive quality
    - very high quality standard
    - usefull and functional led in the back
    - confortable ring
    - tense in front a little bit loose

    Apr 12,2016

  • Pablo
    nice feelings
    - nice quality
    - usefull hat againts sun
    - usefull and functional led in the back
    The helmet is fine, but, only come with 1 light, the back one.
    The ship takes loooots of time (3 weeks), when use to take just 1 week. The problems maybe was the christmast season...

    Jan 10,2017

  • judith
    Bike Helmet
    Excellent purchase from gearbest, love the light on the back of the helmet.Great

    Sep 05,2015

  • Dmitriy
    Хороший шлем. Выходит чуть дешевле, чем брать на родине. Для ежедневного использования нормальный вариант.

    Feb 27,2019