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  • threehead
    Excelvan YG300
    Я не ожидал чуда! Я знал, что качество этого проектора не будет удивительным. Я надеялся на достаточно хорошее для powerpoints. Я даже не понял этого. Он производит четкое изображение на близком расстоянии от 4 до 6 футов. Даже тогда проекция не в квадрате. Изображения все еще размыты. Даже при том, что я хотел использовать это в своем классе для power point; Я опробовал его в качестве автономного проектора со своим актером Google. Динамики довольно классные. За эту цену я ожидал, что смогу читать основные слайды в классе. Этот проектор будет отличной покупкой за 15,00 долларов. Я не рекомендовал бы это, если вы не использовали это для некоторой художественной установки, и острые изображения не были необходимы. Я не знаю, как это так много положительных отзывов, но это ужасно и не подлежит возврату. Изображение используется в пикселях, и вы едва можете прочитать экран меню и заголовки.

    Jan 22,2019


    We are sincerely sorry for this issue.

    Any issue please kindly feel free to contact our support center, we are always here to provide the solutions for you.

    Please kindly review our warranty policy here:


    Best regards,

    Mar 22,2019

  • Vadik Geksogen
    Хороший любительский проектор
    Купил это чудо китайской техники в конце 18 года, пользовался достаточно что бы оставить отзыв.
    Этот проектор исключительно для просмотров фильмов для не прихотливых людей) в помещении со светом вы не увидите практически ничего особенно если подключить к 5в. От 12 вольт работает на много ярче.
    За свои деньги отличная вещь, советую сразу прикупить к нему треногу, за 2 доллара здесь же.
    С метров 3-4 смотреть достаточно не плохо не видно пиксели, ближе не очень.
    Большой плюс того, что работает от павер банка. Куча разъемов, можно подключить практически что угодно. В общем рекомендую!

    Sep 02,2019

  • Yacine
    Good for the price
    Excelvan YG300 Mini Home Theater in it name is a small projector..for best projecting it really needs a full dark chamber or can't use it for watching translated shows because you'll not be able to read translation and that's because of the projector's native resolution (320*240 pixels) the projector is 100% for kids, and it's coming with built in speaker, and the sound is good and loud, but it's not with built in battery as is explained in the user guide: "Build in battery power supply (available for models with built in battery only) " so be careful when choosing.

    Mar 24,2019


    Thank you for your comment.

    We are sorry your order has not met your expectations.

    Our products are quality checked before being sent out to our customers. We strive to give our customers the best quality at the lowest prices.

    Any issue please kindly feel free to contact our support center.

    Please kindly review our warranty policy here:


    Best regards,

    May 27,2019

  • K. Gupta
    Very able video projector for the price, colors are a little wash out and the resolution is not as sharp as some other comparable LCD projector in this price range, the speakers are actually quite decent and loud, coming from such a small device, this projector can play most of your video files straight from an inserted SD card or USB drive it even supports MKV files without having to use an external device, the device is very portable and it does have a small vertical keystone correction

    Sep 20,2018

  • Kerry Shipp
    Full-featured projector, colors are spot-on and deep/rich, the features to adjust projected image are very good, the USB connection worked very well and resulted in full resolution, previous projectors I have used had volume and range issues, this one has very good volume and is also good across treble, if you use HDMI and you want to use external speakers, you will need to hook those up to your computer and make sure your computer routes the sound away from HDMI to your normal output jack

    Nov 29,2018

  • Anthony Paul
    The product was very well made and I really liked how small and convenient it was it fit and its own little small bag with a handle which was really nice it's awesome that you can hook up really anything to it whether it's a phone a DVD player sound system SD card USB really anything awesome picture is amazing sound is decent if it's outside you'll want an additional speaker would definitely recommend to friend and family

    Sep 23,2018

  • Luvs2read
    The picture quality is good at night but I must say this one - even during the day with the blinds closed - the video is far better than most of the other projectors, i project the video on my wall and the picture clarity is good, i also connected my Roku and USB to the projector - so be it Sling or DirecTV Now I watch on the big screen :-or the movies or videos or photos we shoot

    Sep 25,2018

  • F. Langley
    This is an amazing product, i was really surprised at the overall quality of this product, one really nice unexpected feature is the ability to download movies and programs on Netflix and Amazon prime for offline playback, we will be able to download our favorite movies and have our own cinema while off grid

    Oct 14,2018

  • Micah Osborne
    I purchased this projector for my home theater and it is perfect, the stock speakers aren't so great but who uses those anyways, you do have to have the lights off for the picture to be amazing quality but the room does not have to be absolutely pitch black, overall an amazing projector especially for the price

    Dec 06,2018

  • Gio
    vale il suo prezzo
    Un mini proiettore con USB HDMI AV più' una uscita audio a questo prezzo vale sicuramente la spesa.
    La qualità dell'immagine non e' sicuramente eccelsa ed e' meglio considerare una stanza buia per utilizzarlo ma, ripeto, per poco più' di 30€ non si può' - per ora

    Jan 02,2019