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    Beautiful and practical
    I personally think this ukulele is very beautiful. The color is generous and the quality is very good. My daughter likes music very much, so I bought it as a birthday present to my daughter. My daughter liked it very much after receiving it. The enthusiasm for learning music is even higher. She plays a song to us every day. I think this is a very practical product. If you want to learn ukulele, you can choose this product which is simple and generous and durable. And this product is set with 72 long-life LED lights, which is very beautiful with music. It was a great shopping experience.

    Sep 03,2019

  • Chelsea
    Perfect for beginners
    This ukulele is perfect for beginners, with a teaching function that does not require you to go to class. You can use the linkage teaching app to choose the difficulty level to follow the teacher in the video. It also comes with time interactive technology, APP smart tuning, pitch detection, and time detection learning results. Since I bought this ukulele, I have been addicted to music. I spend time practicing every day, and now I can play some simple songs. I highly recommend everyone to buy this instrument.

    Jul 13,2019

  • Naomi
    A good shopping experience
    The instrument looks beautiful and seems very well built. I did not find any sharp edges on the frets and there is no wood scrap or tear out in the body as reported by some. The neck is straight and the geared tuners work very well. The strings require a bit of time to stretch and set but after that it holds its tune just fine. The tone and volume are really great. The gig bag is surprisingly nice for a budget starter pack. I haven’t found any problems with it yet and am very happy with the purchase.

    Sep 17,2019

  • Sofia
    Smart ukulele
    I have played ukulele for a little over 2 years. I bought this new smart ukelele. I've had it for roughly a day, and I am very impressed by the overall quality, and tone of the instrument. The frets are a little rough on the neck, but it does not interfere with playing at all. It is worth the time and money. I highly recommend this Uke to anyone starting out, or just in need of a very fun instrument to play.

    Jun 12,2019

  • Eva
    Excellent starter uke
    Really happy with this purchase. Absolute beginner here, and I wanted everything to be as easy and comfortable as possible, that is why I especially like the rounded or smooth'd over edge of the base of ukulele, the part of where your right forearm rests, very nice. The whole package, the tuner and bag, and the online lessons, etc. all just works out perfectly, I'm now hooked on the uke for life

    Sep 19,2018

  • Corey
    Unique design
    The market is saturated with low-priced uke's, but this one really stood out to me. I loved the look of the unique wood cutaways, and I thought this would speak to a measure of pride in the overall craftsmanship.

    Apr 13,2019

  • Harvey
    Not bad
    Personally I think it's enough for beginners at this price with this quality, don't expect too much, just practice and if you can get to certain level then go get a better one.

    Apr 28,2019

  • Caleb
    Highly recommend!
    Far better than I was expecting, this uke is worth every bit of the normal pricing, and on sale

    Apr 30,2019

  • Jayden
    Good value for the money
    My 13 year old loves her first ukulele. It’s a perfect size and the case is a nice bonus!

    Feb 19,2019

  • Erick
    My grandson love it
    Bought for my grandson. He loves it and is learning quickly. Nice kit value.

    Apr 04,2019