Oryginalne słuchawki douszne Xiaomi Mi Capsule z mikrofonem
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Oryginalne słuchawki douszne Xiaomi Mi Capsule z mikrofonem

- czarny 181502001

Głowica douszna 45 stopni / Miękka silikonowa końcówka douszna / Kontrola w kablu / Redukcja szumów
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Oryginalne słuchawki douszne Xiaomi Mi Capsule

Oryginalne słuchawki douszne Xiaomi Mi Capsule z mikrofonem- czarny

Najważniejsze cechy:
-Wygląd kapsuły , nowoczesna i wyjątkowa ozdoba dla Ciebie
-45-stopniowy półokrągły, stożkowy , wygodny i stabilny w noszeniu
-Miękkie silikonowe końcówki douszne , delikatna pielęgnacja ucha. Możesz go używać przez długi czas bez zmęczenia
-System balansu tłumienia spiralnego , zapewnia więcej darmowego dźwięku dla Ciebie
-Wbudowany mikrofon , obsługuje rozmowy przez zestawgłośnomówiący
-Kontrola On-cord dla Androida (nie obsługuje iOS)

Oryginalne słuchawki douszne Xiaomi Mi Capsule z mikrofonem- czarny
Oryginalne słuchawki douszne Xiaomi Mi Capsule z mikrofonem- czarny
Oryginalne słuchawki douszne Xiaomi Mi Capsule z mikrofonem- czarny
Oryginalne słuchawki douszne Xiaomi Mi Capsule z mikrofonem- czarny
Oryginalne słuchawki douszne Xiaomi Mi Capsule z mikrofonem- czarny
Oryginalne słuchawki douszne Xiaomi Mi Capsule z mikrofonem- czarny
Oryginalne słuchawki douszne Xiaomi Mi Capsule z mikrofonem- czarny
Oryginalne słuchawki douszne Xiaomi Mi Capsule z mikrofonem- czarny



Marka: Xiaomi
Kolor: czarny,Biały
Funkcjonować: Odpowiadanie na telefon,Mikrofon,Kontrola głosu
Rodzaj: W uchu
Noszenie typu: W uchu

Szczegóły Produktu

Podanie: Przenośny odtwarzacz multimedialny
Długość kabla (m): 1,25 m
Kompatybilny z: Telefon komórkowy
Łączność: Przewodowy
Jednostka napędowa: 7 mm
Pasmo przenoszenia: 20-20000 Hz
Impedancja: 32 omów
Typ wtyczki: 3,5 mm
Wrażliwość: 93 dB
Kanał dźwiękowy: Dwukanałowy (stereo)

Wymiar i waga

Rozmiar paczki (dł x szer x wys): 8,00 x 8,00 x 4,00 cm / 3,15 x 3,15 x 1,57 cala
Waga paczki: 0,1000 kg
Waga produktu: 0,0140 kg

Zawartość Paczki

Zawartość Paczki: 1 x słuchawki Xiaomi Mi Capsule

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4.82 out of 5
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  • Enrico Ereno
    Molto anatomiche
    Pregi. A questo prezzo difficile trovare un auricolare in ear della stessa qualità. La sua particolarità sta nella forma e nei materiali. È conformato in modo che il foro da cui esce il suono abbia la stessa direzione del condotto uditivo esterno. La parte posteriore invece è morbida in modo da potersi fissare sul padiglione senza dare fastidio. il risultato è una grande stabilità, confort e ottima diffusione del suono. In più non è necessario trovare i gommini della dimensione adatta alla propria taglia perché questa particolare progettazione li rende adatti ad ogni conformazione anatomica.
    Difetti. I due auricolari non sono assolutamente interscambiabili proprio per la loro specifica forma. Per questo, fino a che non si fa l'occhio, per capire qual'è il destro e il sinistro si è costretti a leggere le minuscole letterine R ed L incise sul sottile cerchio metallico. Non sarebbe stato male diversificare, per esempio, con due sottili striscie colorate. Il filo non è anti ingarbugliamento. Ho avuto auricolari più economici con i fili rivestiti in stoffa, molto più comodi (e forse anche più resistenti. Vedremo).

    Sep 07,2018

  • Daniel
    Great Semi-In-Ears with a few, tiny flaws.
    I chose those Semi-In-Ears because I do not like In-Ears (hurt my ears) nor Earbuds (Lows are missing).
    They do not really cost much, which makes one flaw said later really not that bad.

    They really fit snuggly in my Ear and do not slip out whatsoever. They sound great, even in the Low Frequencies, since it's basically directly In-Ear. Highs are clear and crisp. Mids are a little left out, but okay for my taste.

    The In-Cable Controls are at a very good position and very sturdy.

    Somehow I even managed to not break the Cable right at the plug yet, which amazes me, because often I bend it like 90 degrees (because it's in my phone in my pocket). It still looks new and not looking like it would break.

    I give it a total 4/10 Stars because of the missing Function and the actual breaker, the Ear-Pieces.
    One Flaw to the In-Cable-Controls:
    What lacks me, which is also a flaw in my opinion, that it does only have a "Forward" Function (two times on the middle), but is missing a "Backward" Function (unless im missing out somewhere).

    Another Flaw are the Ear-Pieces (the rubber-things ;)).
    After a few weeks of, actually quite intensive stress on them, they let loose and one Completely came off. Probably not very good Adhesive or Glue is used. I helped myself by just putting one little drip on the inside of the housing and putting on the Rubber Piece, which made it hold up sturdy and didn't have any more problems till now. But still, remember, my ones were under stress for weeks, I was working with them in my Pocket.

    May 29,2018

  • mars28pl
    Cheap half-in-ear earphones with very good sound
    These earphones are not expensive, but they offer great sound for that price. I was really surprised how good they sound, when I first tested it. They have quite good bass even when they are not pushed deep in ear. What I like mostly is that they fit good and they don't slip out even while running. Microphone works well during phone calls, the caller hears me loud and clear. Remote on the cord gives access to volume increasing/decreasing and answering/ending call. Pros: 1. Good price. 2. Great build quality. 3. Great sound, bass is good enough. 4. They fit good in ear and don't slip. Cons: None.

    Aug 24,2018

  • Kuba
    Very nice product
    I have a pair of these for two weeks. I have to say, the sound quality is pretty good for the price. If you need you can wear them as in-ears for enhanced bass or if it gets too noisy.

    The metal part is hard, everything else is soft. You may also wear them as in-ears by pushing them forward. But its also open air so it's great if you're at the office and need to hear everyone else talking.

    They sound a little better than the Piston 3's in my opinion
    According to me there are no defects. They are great for the price and not only

    Aug 30,2016

  • Joseph
    Краткий обзор наушников Xiaomi Mi Piston Air
    Качество звука.
    В наушниках заметно преобладает бас над другими частотами.
    Бас достаточно глубокий, но мне не хватило высоких частот. Если пошаманить с эквалайзером, можно добиться более-менее равномерного звучания. Если сравнивать же с гибридами от сяоми, то в гибридах звук чище, но таких басов мне в них и не хватало. Тут уж приходится выбирать, на вкус и цвет, как известно, товарища нет.
    В итоге за $13 мы получаем интересные наушники, брать или нет- вам решать, если вы- любитель баса, то не вижу никаких преград.
    минусов нет

    Mar 04,2017

  • Salistrari
    Good Headphones
    Headphones very good materials and how ergonomics. Very comfortable to wear and also after prolonged use do not cause any discomfort. You can safely use it for hours without getting tired or experience discomfort in the ear. How sound they are lower in bass definition sound than the Hybrid, but they have a sound range on much richer medium, suited for this polisinfoniche music and capable of enhancing the tools you usually feel little.
    As maximum volume are excellent. They provide, however, a good sound stage even at high volumes without any distortions. The lack of excess bass tones favors this. They are a great product for those who do not want to spend much and loves classical music, symphonic and multi-instrumental. Not suitable for speech, because after a while 'you are forced to turn down the volume because the voice becomes annoying because of the greater exposure of the middle tones. Overall Rating 7

    Apr 04,2017

  • mars28pl
    Great half in-ear earphones from Xiaomi
    I bought Xiaomi half in-ear earphones for my daughter, because she is not a fan of full in-ear earphones. I was affraid that they don't have a good bass, but I was really surprised how good the bass is in these earphones. They sounds really great, and they are not expensive. The build quality is great, too. I can recommend them to everyone.

    Aug 22,2018

  • Nestor
    absolutely recommended!
    - so comfortable. fits perfectly in my ear! If you don't like in-ear products, this is a really great option. They never fall from your ear and u often forgets you are using them
    - sound quality is good enough, and really great for his price tag
    - beautiful design
    - they are light weight
    - price. as usual in Xiaomi, incredible price/quality relation
    none... wish they were bluetooth instead of cable!

    Apr 05,2017

  • Sergio Lopez
    Excellent earphones
    They are excellent earphones, they do not sound as good as the Xiaomi Hybrid, but they still sound very good, and their strong point is that they do not fall out of their place./Son unos audifonos excelentes, no se escuchan tan bien como los Xiaomi Hybrid, pero de todas maneras se escuchan muy bien, además que su fuerte es que no se caen de su lugar.

    Feb 04,2018

  • Joshua C. Acuña
    Good Earphones
    - Capsule appearance, modern and special ornament for you
    - 45 degrees bevel half in-ear design, comfortable and stable to wear
    - Soft silicone earbud tips, gentle care to your ear. You can use it for long time without fatigue
    - Spiral damping balance system, provides more free sound for you
    - Built-in mic, supports hands-free calls
    - On-cord control for Android (Do Not support iOS)

    Jul 08,2016

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