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  • Creality CR-10
    Desktop DIY Printer
    Принтер Creality CR-10 Принтер сам пришел в отличном состоянии, все хорошо упакованно и закреплено. Сборка элементарная. В комплекте много ключей и вообще всего того что пригодиться новичку для того чтобы собрать все и начать печатать. Инструкции все на флешке на китайском и английском языке - можно разобраться. Процесс сборки занял около 1 часа + калибровка стола около 1 часа. Для слайсинга установил Cura, которая идет в комплекте. Пластик который идет в комплекте хороший, на вскидку 1/3 от килограммовой бабины. Цвет белый. На флешке есть модели для печати + там же некоторые части для принтера (различные суппорты для отдельных элементов) В коплекте так же присутствуют годные кусачки которыми удобно удалять поддержки. Так же присутствует две большие наклейки на стол для лучшей агдезии и рулон клейкой ленты. И рулон и наклейки очень хорошо держат PLA пластик. Печатал на данный момент только PLA, Но диапазон температур позволяет печатать так же ABS, HISP, flex и др. виды пластика. высота минимального слоя у принтера 0,05 мм (50 микрон) - печатал на ней, очень качественная печать ребристости почти нет. Высота максимального слоя 0.6 мм (600 микрон) - на нем не печатал, но печатал на 1.2 мм (120 микрон) и 1.5 мм (150 микрон) - фигурки получаются качественные. Печатал детали различного размера от самых маленьких до достаточно больших - качество печати хорошее. Фотографии прилагаю (на фото где кот и дракон, кот напечатан слоем в 50 микрон, дракон слоем в 150 микрон). Вывод: очень хороший и качественный принтер за свои деньги, покупкой доволен.
    Есть маленькие недочеты: 1. Трубка по которой идет филамент не фиксируется четко с одного конца (решение: замотал изолентой - работает как часы) 2. Небольшие вибрации от принтера (решение: более стойкое основание)

    Mar 04,2018

  • Anas Aldasouqi
    It's okay broke after about 20 prints
    I guess I was expecting a much better experience considering all the positive reviews, my prints were okay quality. The bed leveling is very unintuitive and not sure why it so often got out unlevel, had adjust before every print pretty much, would have to say the bed leveling is one of its worst features. Also not understanding why there is a feature called auto bed leveling when all it seems to do is move the extruder to the five points on the bed. Pretty much if you use their suggested paper method for bed leveling, the center point will still be unlevel. It might work better if they put a leveling knob under the middle of the bed.The paper method makes it nearly impossible to get a fully level bed, however its sufficient for some prints. When I tried printing multiple copies of the same model (up to ~15) it never seemed to work out for all of them, and then often it will get stuck to one and move it around and destroy the entire print. Another annoying thing about the printer are the cords, they are all over the place and it seems like they could easily get run over by the wheels.This is not a terrible printer, just not understanding all the raving reviews. Ultimately, this is not a simple to use printer and it does require a lot of tweaking to get things working okay, after over a month of using this, spent ~200 hours on it, it still never worked very smoothly.The malfunction which occured with me, it seems the extruder got stuck to a print and ended up filling the entire extruder piece and surround with pla. I spent hours cleaning it up, afterwards it was no longer recognizing the temperature of the the extruder, it is saying its st 350°. I will contact creality and see if they can help.

    Dec 17,2018

  • A TomX
    imprimante de qualité
    Montage très facile. Quelques vis pour assembler le cadre, quelques connecteurs (3 moteurs, 3 fin de course, 1 buse) et c'est fait ! Beaucoup de tutos montrent le lit branlant et mal réglé, ce n'était pas mon cas, à par la hauteur du lit (ce qui est normal) je n'ai rien eu à régler. Un peu dérouté pour la première impression, pour armer le filament et régler le lit (plateau de verre) mais l'excellente communauté, francophone ou pas, nous propose de très nombreux tutos.Carte microSD avec adaptateur usb fourni. Notice en anglais dessus. Le cube xyz de calibration fut ma première impression, (depuis la carte SD) il fait bien 2cm de côté et la qualité est correcte, RAS20 min environ pour l'imprimer, ce qui est tout à fait correct. Conso en crête : 250w (branché sur onduleur qui me donne la conso en temps réel avec lit 60°C et buse 200°C)Pas de problème de lit bombé comme on peut lire sur certains forums... Pas encore en tout cas !Sur la carte SD fournie, des pièces sont à imprimer... Les (-) pas de petite pièce à imprimer vite faitLes (+) des fichiers STL de pièces d'amélioration de la machine sont fournisUne petite bobine de PLA blanc est fournie pour les premières impressions.Nombreux outils, dont pince coupante, raclette pour enlever les impressions du plateau, scotch pour texture adhérente du plateau, clés, tournevis, rilsan, vis de rechange, tube de passage de filament de rechange...C'est ma première imprimante 3D, bonne première expérience, je la recommande !

    Oct 02,2018

  • rosnik
    Creality3D CR - 10 3D Stampante Fai da Te a Tavolo
    La stampante Desktop Desktop Creality3D CR-10 è una stampante 3D con telaio in alluminio speciale importato . È dotato di un grande volume di costruzione 300 x 300 x 400mm, diametro standard dell'ugello da 0,4 mm (può essere sostituito da 0,3 / 0,2mm). Per mantenere la sensazione costruita in garage e i fascini fatti a mano, la stampante desktop CR-10 3D è anche un kit di configurazione che ti offre un'esperienza di apprendimento passo dopo passo indimenticabile della stampante 3D!Caratteristiche principali:● Con schermo LCD e tastiera per un facile uso offline● Supporta la stampa off-line della carta SD, può anche stampare direttamente con l'adattatore USB● 300 x 300 x 400 mm di volume di costruzione, proprio per te● Supporta più filamenti di stampa 3D: ABS / PLA / TPU e così via● Un'ulteriore struttura semplificata consente un montaggio veloce e una regolazione facile, che consente di risparmiare tempo e energia● Maggiore stabilità e affidabilità: la piastra in alluminio assicura una stampa più stabile● L'assemblaggio è semplice e adatto per i clienti DIY● È un corredo DIY non assemblato, che vi offre un'esperienza di apprendimento passo dopo passo indimenticabile della stampante 3D da zero. Finché hai una passione per la creatività, non puoi permetterti di perdere questo prodotto● Temperatura dell'ugello: inferiore a 250 ° C in stato normale, max. 270 gradi● Nota: è possibile fare clic qui per scegliere l'altro colore

    Nov 16,2018

  • Dennis Fox
    CR-10 Great Printer
    This printer works very well. Whoever designed it was interested in the right balance between price and quality. - It took only about an hour to finish the assembly and start printing, hardly any work. - It comes with tools for assembly, tools for printing (tape, side-cutters, spatula), a micro-SD memory card and micro-SD adapter, a small roll of good quality white PLA, a spare Bowden tube and a spare 0.4mm nozzle, extra screws and other stuff. I used only the supplied tools to get my CR-10 running. - The included micro-SD card came with a bunch of helpful files, including some models for printer upgrades, nice! - I downloaded Cura 2.6.0 and got the CR-10 profile from the Facebook user group page. The profile made this whole thing easy to understand. I was printing in no time. This might not be a feature of the printer, but the Facebook user group is active and there is helpful stuff there. - The print volume is clearly the best for the price. To think, I was going to pay for 3D printed parts. This printer cost less than the quotes I got, so I have already printed my parts at a savings. This was a really good deal for me. Summary: Nice printer. I am thinking about buying another one.
    - All the cooling fans are kind of noisy (especially the one on the power supply). This isn't really a big deal. - The included cat.gcode file has a mistake in it, and I printed two decapitated cats before I realized that the file is bad. This was just weird, as the cats were my first prints. I printed my own g-code files and they worked fine. - The choice to not use a second z-screw assembly seems questionable, though the printer works great. I haven't tried using the entire build volume yet. - Leveling the bed was a hassle. The thumbscrews would be better if they were twice the size and had +/- arrows because I was confused a couple of times. Which way did it go? Oh no, I need to start over! - Cura made the CR-10 easy to use, only after I figured out where to get the CR-10 profile from. And that was confusing, as there is more than one Facebook user group, and the files there are all mixed into a long list of things that don't matter to the newb. For English, join this group:

    Aug 07,2017

  • Azureus
    CREALITY CR-10 Review
    Absolutely satisfied with htis product. Lives up to its expected standard, right out of the box. I've been printing all kinds of projects since get-go , with astonishing results right down to 0.06 mm resolution with the STOCK 0.4 HotEnd that it comes with. Definitely one of the (if not THE) best home 3D Printer out there at this time for this price range. Great build volume and great suppot community online with a lot of modding possibilities as well. Very easy to upgrade/enhance if needed, using part that you can print yourselves too. Multi-material filament support. Now I have it, can't live without it. Be aware however, as always, this technology is more orientated to an technology advised public That being said, I definitely recommend this product. Great value for the results you get , keeping in mind that 3D Filament based printing needs some knowledge in the field, just like on every other 3D printing technology out there. Definitely a MUST if you're either starting out or are a confirmed 3D printer on a tight budget. Get the ebginners/semi-pro & professional job done, and does it very well. Creality CR-10 / CR-10S series are just awsome - I recommend !! :)

    Dec 02,2018

  • Crss
    Avis Creality CR-10 GearBest
    La Creality CR-10 est ma première imprimante et j'en suis totalement ravi ! En ce qui concerne GearBest et la livraison, GearBest propose des imprimantes de qualité et à prix raisonnable ( d'autant plus s'il on peut profiter de réductions/coupons ). Le temps de livraison correspond à ce que GearBest propose. Pour ma part, la livraison s'est faîte par GLS. Si j'avais pu mettre 4.5/5 au lieu de 5/5 je l'aurais fait car je suis allé directement au dépôt et lorsque que l'on voit commence les colis sont traités, ça fait peur ! Je conseillerai à GeaBest de traiter avec un autre livreur ( mais si je pense qu'ils sont tous comme ça car ils font appellent à des sous-traitant ) mais le colis à l'ouverture été en bon état et la machine bien protégée ! Le montage n'est pas très long, comptez une vingtaine de minutes pour les personnes connaisseusses. Je vous conseille quand même de regarder des tutoriels ! L'imprimante ne nécessite pas d'améliorations pour faire de belles impressions même avec le fil fournis.Je recommande vivement et presque avec les yeux fermés.

    Jan 05,2019

  • steve
    Extremely satisfied
    First for shipping- It was quick, not like next day quick but i did not expect it as quick as it showd up. Very pleased Setup- I knew from other reviews that this was going to be an easy setup but really it was 4the bolts with lock washers and some common sense. Also you can tell this is a company that wants to have a good name and repeat customers. They included a lot of little extras.( bots, lock washer, snips, puty knife, starter fulfilment). I was impressed and felt like my satisfaction was important to them. Printing-That's where I failed, my pc was old and running windows xp and i had problems loading the slider software. Just means i also need a new computer. Hopefully earnest can help me out with that :) . I will update this review when I get printing. Thanks gear best for a great first experience.
    Nothing that was the fault of gearbest or the provider. You have a repeat customer. Thanks

    Apr 04,2017

  • Frédéric Ricoché
    Idéale pour débuter
    Vrai débutant dans l'impression 3D j'ai choisi cette imprimante pour son prix (344€) et la communauté active qui l'utilise. J'en suis ravi !- Montage simple et mise en route rapide, prendre le temps de bien régler les éléments en suivant des tutos.- Agréablement surpris par la qualité globale de la machine, elle est robuste et ne fait pas "cheap" ou premier prix.- Quelques essais ratés au début mais c'est un passage obligé dans l'apprentissage !- Le plateau en verre n'était pas plat à 100%. J'ai rapidement investi dans le plateau Creality 3D (25€) qui est à mes yeux indispensable et facilite vraiment la tâche pour l'adhérence.- Le détecteur de fin de filament est un vrai plus.Voilà, si vous souhaitez vous lancer dans l'impression 3D c'est un bon choix. Il y a beaucoup de groupes, forums et sites d'entraides. Toutes les pièces détachées sont disponibles à l'achat pour remplacement en cas de panne ou casse.Exactement 2 mois de livraison (commande le 13/07, réception le 07/09)

    Jan 24,2019

  • Miguel G
    loving it!
    Easy to build! Easy to start printing! Great printing quality! It comes with everything you need! This is my first 3d printer, after arrival it took less than 3 hours for me to get it up and running, I am an engineer but had never worked/played with one. Super easy to set up, super good quality on prints, if you are getting one join the fb group and read the FAQ as well as 'what to do before it arrives. learn about most common issues, mine really came with pretty much all issues described in the group and I fixed them right away in the build even before I had a bad print (which is no more than tight some bolts, use a mirror in the printing bed, dowload the correctdemo file to print). Great product definitely recommend this! Remember to look for manual/guide on the SD card included

    May 06,2017