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  • Beck
    Beautiful machine and very precise
    This laser engraver is very easy to use and it comes with a step-by-step manual in english. I bought this little machine for small projects and it has blown me away with the precision and delicacy this machine works with. I haven’t had the chance to play with it to much because of my work schedule but the engraver details the wood really good i just need to control the power level of laser a little better but with more practice this laser engraver has potential for many uses. I’m very happy with this buy and excited to try new projects with this laser engraver.

    Sep 26,2019

  • Joan Jones
    Amazing machine.
    I was impressed with this little machine and what you receive with it.
    I was able to engrave on wood, dark plastic, and cardboard very nicely. You have to practice with different settings for different materials.

    The software is very basic and sometimes that is best. No need to install the software as it's a simple executable file.

    If you just want to play and have fun with a machine to try out laser engraving then I don't think you can go wrong.

    Sep 01,2019

  • Berton Jordan
    very pleased
    Product was well packaged and worked as advertised. The directions are simple but very generic. Just make sure to use in a well-ventilated area when the laser is burning as the item being engraved can get quite smokey exceptionally soft materials like rubber or soft plastic. Overall I very pleased with this unit.

    Sep 10,2019

  • Roy Carmen
    beautiful machine
    I got this set up yesterday and it works really well. The software was pretty easy to follow. The engraving is beautiful and really stand out on light wood. It is the perfect size to make little trinkets and it doesn't take up much room. I love my new engraver!

    Sep 10,2019

  • Elaine Godwin
    It's pretty intuitive to learn how to use, I do recommend stream trial and error on paper to figure out how to size and center your images for burning before trying to burn on anything at you want to put designs on...

    Sep 13,2019

  • Ford Fast
    It is cool !!! I did the setup through my computer and already started using it. The installation was easy. Just follow the instruction. OverallI is happy I spend the money on the item. Will recommends it.

    Sep 21,2019

  • Steven Hearst
    Good product, better value
    Works very well with my MAC I was able to engrave my phone case. It also comes with small material to test before actually engraving

    Sep 15,2019

  • Broderick
    Funny machine.
    Easy to use,spend about 1 hours to figure it out.Really fun while using this machine.Should buy it more earlier.

    Sep 24,2019

  • Sam Effie
    Images are clear and precise. Works extremely fast. Super easy to follow instructions. Awesome products!

    Sep 22,2019

  • Phyllis Geoffrey
    Clean Cut
    I tried it on my bracelet and it perfectly engraved my name into it. It is a great product!

    Sep 19,2019