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  • William
    Great security Home alarm system. Works well and easy to install. thanks.
    I choose this item at it matches my requirements for a wireless alarm system which have message capability and is remotedly controlled. The price is great as well. Set it up very quickly and the motion detector is sensitive enough for my purpose. The door sensors however does not have an off switch so this cannot be turn off to save battery life is not using. This is probably a feedback to the manufacturer to include an on/off switch to turn the sensor off when not using the alarm. The build in alarm in the console it self is not very loud and the extra alarm needs to be attached and that is ear perching loud. The messaging services works as well but it will message whenever you arm the alarm and when you off the alarm, not just when it is tripped which is probably not required as it uses up SMS quota. Overall very satisfied with the product. Thanks.

    Nov 11,2018

  • ducon
    GSM Alarm
    Very goo well done and strong solid make alarm system, to use wired and wifi….,

    A big plus: it works on 12V, but also on 240V with an adapter included.
    Great for a boat or caravan. I appreciate the number of connectors and the 4 remote control included...
    It would be nice if a serious siren with solar charger would be included (even at a price) to install outside more easily...
    Price good!

    Oct 21,2018

  • Dione
    Sistema de alarme muito bom .
    Sistema de alarme completo , com a melhor central e com um bom preço , ele configura 99 zonas de segurança , além de SMS e chamadas quando o sensores são desarmados vale apena a compra !!
    nenhuma no momento

    Apr 11,2018

  • Theophilos Mamas
    nice alarm
    for its prize its. a fantastic product.
    I'm using it about 2 months and its doing its job very well.
    it covers many points in the house its fantastic

    Sep 08,2018