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  • Антон Ш.
    Один из лучших
    Считаю, что этот телефон - один из лучших на сегодняшний день для обычного использования. Преимуществ много, но еще большой плюс - сменная батарея. Повальная мода на встроенную АКБ печальна. Учитывая не очень высокое качество изготовления АКБ для телефонов и планшетов третьего эшелона, съемная батарея - огромный плюс. Других плюсов тоже достаточно: - GPS/Глонасс - ловит очень быстро; - сканер отпечатков - ошибок мало и очень удобен в использовании; - камеры достойные; - много оперативки и достаточная скорость процессора в большинстве случаев; - чистая система без китайских "плюшек"; - экран большой и четкий; - очень хороший и продуманный бампер, входящий в комплект; - очень приятный цвет корпуса и качество пластика; - "вкусная" цена.
    Для такой цены не нахожу.

    Jan 19,2018

  • Fabrice
    Good Price Good Choice no regrets
    I want a good phone for my kids but no more expensive . After read review i think CUBOT is good choise, when my kids turn on CUBOT they say : WAHOUUUU Screen Good and HD 4G perfect GPS perfect Fingerprint really good and no error Sound good Sound with earphone perfect No error with Bluetooth and work good We can see sms and youtube with split screen ( see picture joint)
    Really if i say one negative point .............euh..... the protector screen isn't place correctly that all

    Apr 19,2018

  • Stefano
    Cubot X18
    Ottimo smartphone rapporto qualità prezzo.Il display è da 5,7", RAM 3 GB, ROM 32 GB, dual sim, memoria espandibile micro SD, fotocamere da 13 e 16 MP.Batteria da 3200mAh rimovibile, Flash led anteriore, sensore impronta posteriore.Il device é leggero e si tiene molto bene in mano.Ben costruito.lo consiglio per chi vuole spendere poco e avere un bello smartphone.Il video sarà pubblicato sul mio canale Tecnoo Devicee.
    La batteria poteva essere da 3500mAh.

    Oct 08,2017

  • Aleksandr
    Cubot X18
    Упакован телефон в удобную коробку.В комплекте силиконовый бампер.Телефон очень красивый.Лично мне очень понравился.Задняя крышка съемная,значит есть доступ к батарейке.И это хорошо.Отдельный слот под карту памяти-это самый большой плюс.Камеры хорошие.Фокус работает быстро и четко.Покупкой доволен.
    Как по мне,минусов не обнаружил.Хорошее соотношение цены и качества.

    Oct 13,2017

  • Sagar Pansuriya
    cubot x18
    cubot x18 is good product and best quality product low rate and big display very good phone but delivery all ready late within 1 month long time period but we'll and good phone and very nice screen good product for Gearbest.cubot x18 4g smartphone is very well and good running phone in low rate.
    cubot x18 4g phone good and very good product very well done phone smoothly work and very good product in low rate good big screen and cruve glass very good phone and very smart look finger print ok best works.

    Dec 27,2017

  • Goran
    Phone is BEST BUY for that money. It has large and bright screen and good sound. Camera is average during the day, but night shoots are not so good - as I thought, but on the other side this is low budget phone.
    Only thing that I don't like is that phone gets really slow while playing some games like Asphalt 8 or similar.

    Dec 03,2017

  • crny18x
    Cubot X18
    Very good cell phone for a little money. Excellent performance. Who is not overwhelmed this cell phone will suit him very well. Everything works fluidly. Vibrating is weak. The camera is good for these money on average. The screen OK. Sound OK.

    Dec 22,2017

  • Rodney
    The phone is value for money. Powered by android, there is absolutely no difference from most high end phone's function. It got great memory and its fast. the camera and picture quality is good. Its a wonderful phone, of cause considering its price.
    The fingerprint scanner is not always perfect. sometimes it can open with another unregistered finger, however, its correct 90% of the times. It takes a bit longer to be fully charged.

    Feb 22,2018

  • Mr.Claud
    cubot forever
    Ho acquistato questo prodotto circa un anno fa ed ancora ne sono entusiasta: esteticamente bello ed elegante; sempre performante nonostante un uso massivo per un anno; display da 5.7 fantastico; risoluzione e qualità della fotocamenra ancora al top per questa fascia di prezzo, nonostante ci siano modelli più recenti; Durata della batteria non elevata, ma non si può pretendere tutto. Prossimo acquisto CUBOT Max 2.

    May 03,2019

  • der Allrounder
    A smartphone how i wish!
    >very good camera (examples below)>timeless desing>good display (also in high light areas)>front LED-flash>good for allday users (Masseging, Photographing, Videos, Calling ...)>very good price
    >not for gamers (not fast enough CPU)>not that good low-light performance (Cameras)

    Nov 26,2017