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  • Norm
    Ever so pleased with this phone
    This phone is everything I'd hoped for and more. It is a great looking phone for starters. It has no bloatware installed on it. The only instructions that came with it were the "quick start guide" and I didn't even need them. It is much faster than my previous S3. Is a serious upgrade in the camera department. Being used to the android operating system, I have had no problems doing the setup and "customizing" this to suit me. It comes with Google Playstore, the first thing i did was get connected to my wifi and set up my Google login. The second was to download and install my favorite keyboard and a couple aps such as Cleanmaster and File Manager. No problem.

    I then exported the contacts list from the old phone to the SD card, then attached it to an email to myself. Back to the new phone, downloaded the exported contact list and all showed up on the Cubot. I have no complaints as to its operation.

    I connected it to Straight Talk, using the sim card I'd ordered from them. This is the only place I had problems, trying to figure out which way the sim card went in the card holder. On the top of the Cubot box is a picture showing this done. That helped and along with some trial and error, it went in. Rebooted the phone and it recognized the card. On line to Straight Talk and within a minute was done - this was so easy it was scary. About an hour later the phone buzzed and it was activated. How cool!

    The only thing that remains to be se
    Finicky sim card installation. Mighty have been me, I've never done this before.

    Jan 31,2016

  • Besnard
    Très bon produit
    Utilisateur d'un WIKO Rainbow 2sim 3G, j'ai voulu renouveler mon tel pour un écran plus grand, full HD, 2SIM & 4G.
    J'ai donc commandé ce CUBOT x15 à prix très intéressant.
    J'en suis extrêmement satisfait.
    Design : sobre et très soigné. châssis métallique sauf le dos qui est en plastique (pas précisé sur la description produit). La classe.
    Image : très bel écran full HD. les bandes noires auraient pu être réduites mais ne sont pas gênantes.
    Photo : correcte.
    Son : HP bon et bien placé sur la tranche en bas. 1 seul HP pour les 2 sorties son.
    OS : Android 5.1 fonctionne très bien, très fluide.
    Performance : Antutu testé à 21715. ce qui rend les appli très fluide. Je n'ai pas testé sur les gros jeux 3D n'étant pas gamer.
    Connectivité : accroche très bien le wifi & réseau 2G 3G 4G (SFR & Free mobile me concernant)
    Autonomie : correcte, dans la moyenne (tient une journée sans problème)
    Bref un excellent produit compte tenu de son prix. On est loin de l'entrée de gamme, l'appareil se situe d'avantage dans le moyen +++
    Pas grand chose à dire de négatif compte tenu du prix.
    Bravo Cubot

    Sep 22,2015

  • Joanna
    Got it on Flash Sale for $69.99 !
    The build quality of this phone is v. good, and the metal bezel around the phone feels and looks great, buttons sitting tight enough and they are responsive. Nice design, good weight.

    The software experience of the phone is good, it is very close to stock android with a few things thrown in that are actually quite useful. Android 5.1 out of the box without bloatware or suspicious apps.

    Screen is plenty bright with vivid colors quick and responsive and works great.

    Performance is good, the processor scores 2500 in Antutu but it is fast and there is no lag whatsoever.
    None so far.

    Oct 22,2015

  • Mattia
    Ottimo telefono rapporto qualità/prezzo!
    Per 150 euro di aqcuisto direi che cose negative non ce ne dovrebbero essere, è un prezzo ottimo rapportato alla qualità del telefono, pensando che ci sono telefoni di marca di fascia bassa a questo prezzo. Al posto di spendere 300 euro per una marca più blasonata e andare sul sicuro, ho deciso di acquistare questo Cubot X15 dopo svariate recensioni viste su YouTube, direi che dal vivo è ancora meglio! Lo consiglio! Spedizione velocissima, acquistato il 31 dicembre arrivato oggi 05/01/2016 dal magazzino europeo con DHL. Altro? Non entro nei dettagli specifici, vi consiglio di andare a cercare qualche recensione su Youtube.
    Garanzia? Incongnita assoluta.

    Jan 06,2016

  • Konstantinos
    An excellent product at a fair price!!!
    Remarkable Build Quality: a solid metal frame with a few only plastics of good quality and an attractive thin design
    Useful Add-ons on MUI: app auto-start manager, app permissions, scheduled activation-deactivation, etc.
    Competitive Price: I got it for less than 130€ on flash sale including shipping
    Fast Delivery: dispatched, shipped and received to Greece in just 5 working days from EU warehouse
    After almost 4 months of use, I've met no serious problem except for a couple of crashes on specific apps (maybe incompatibility with the implemented MUI Android ROM)
    It is a bit heavier compared to other phablets due to its metal design

    May 18,2016

  • Jason Porter
    Really powerful !!
    After using it for the past few weeks, this CUBOT X15 is now my main go-to phone. It's powerful but also simple to use. There's a ton of powerful hardware under the hood and the spec list is impressive. The quad core CPU is BOSS, really beefy performance and no slowdown anywhere. Solid feature set and the 2GB RAM really makes a difference for general use and multitasking performance; everything is useful and practical in terms of the X15 design. Happy to recommend this beastly phone.
    None. If you want a stupidly powerful phone, you've found it.

    Sep 07,2015

  • Edwin
    Dope Phoneeee
    the battery life goes for a good while, and i listen to music, use wifi, and etc. on the go
    i love the smart wake option, going into apps through the lock screen
    it has a lot of space for apps. i like games and social media so extra space is perfect
    5.0 Lollipop
    the price for a phone like this is perfect
    I like the style of the phone has a lot of the popular phones' style into one
    16MP rear and 8MP front cameras are on point, i use the camera more often then my old phone
    It heats up a little bit after a while.
    Being on the phone while its charging makes the phone charge up slowly

    Oct 02,2015

  • Marco
    Cubot X15
    Excellent product overall, high quality construction, fantastic screen (FHD), good quality 16 MP camera, good processor (its CPU is enough to run a lot of app without any lag or crash). Dual-sim works very well (if used as dual sim, is not possible to mount the micro-SD, due to the fact the micro-SD have the same slot of the SIM card no. 1. 1 microSIM + 1 nanoSIM slots (the same of the micro-SD), both can work for data management (but only once per time). Very limited number of apps already installed, firmware update to android 5.1 available. Good package quality.
    Poor accessories contents (no headphone). The phone arrived with a rear plastic case (not with a leather case as described). Very simplified launcher and limited number of customization option. Impossible to add Microsoft exchange account (no problem with gmail account.

    Sep 27,2015

  • Vasile
    best deal
    When I ordered these phones I did not know what quality they had. Now I know. I own this phone for 3 years and it works like a new one. is very thin and fine. Very good performance and the price is low for this quality. Many people are skeptical about the phones made in China, but you should remember that all the most expensive phones in the world are also produced in China. Now there is no difference. Quality is the same. if you want expensive phone you just pay the mark.

    Jan 19,2019

  • Ditu Andrei
    Un terminal bun pentru banii astia, se mica bine
    Are un design elegant,subtire si solid, nu are aplicatii inutile preinstalate.
    Camera face poze bune, bateria este decenta, netul merge brici, otg-ul si gps-ul la fel.
    A ajuns relativ repede in Ro( aprox. 12 zile), prin posta ungara.
    Coletul ajunge la posta de cartier, iar la ridicare nu mai platesti nimic.
    In banii astia nu puteam sa iau ceva mai bun raport calitate/pret de pe net; din tara nu mai zic.
    nu e nimic de zis

    Dec 07,2015