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  • Terry Bohaning
    This is a really great INDOOR household flashlight but a horrible OUTDOOR flashlight, outdoors in normal mode the only practical way to use it outdoors, biking or walking or working at night outdoors buy a proper flashlight which is in the higher price-range and will be much larger than this, this seems to be a high-quality construction flash light with an all-metal construction and nice weight to it, you will need three triple-A batteries per flashlight

    Sep 12,2015

  • rbreedy
    Great little light, small enough to fit in a pocket, but the output is almost as bright as a flashlight three times its size, without putting down the light like you need to do with a full sized flashlight, variable beam is width is great, allowing you to quickly go from a wide beam to spot light, battery life is comparable with the other three AAA cell LED flashlights I have owned

    May 04,2018

  • Kevin Yates
    It's very easy to change from a focused zoom to large area coverage by simply sliding the front half of the flashlight up and down, and this flashlight will cover a very large area, a second flashlight is a nice addition especially for the money, all in all I am very satisfied with this purchase so far

    Apr 09,2016

  • RyanTech
    I have seen a cheap knock off of this type of light ... and this one works much better when beam is on spot light, have only had it for a week so can not attest to battery life ... Planning to get rid of all old flashlights in the house and replace with this product if battery life is reasonable

    Apr 27,2015

  • Juan Garcia
    The flashlights are sturdy, the zoom features works great, the three brightness modes are useful and I used the lowest brightness mode the most as the brightness is sufficient for my needs and draws the least power from the batteries

    Nov 27,2015

  • Audiogeek
    My other `` trusty'' tactical flashlight had let me down, a bit pensive at finding another flashlight after my last experience I went with GearLight, it confirmed this was a good purchase, excellent quality in design & craftsmanship

    Mar 22,2018

  • Micheal W. Furlong
    Very happy with these compact and sturdy flashlights, these flashlights are easy to use and provide several options for brightness and range and also a strobe and SOS setting, thank you GearLight for a nice product

    Sep 15,2016

  • niya
    The output of these is great, the quality of the light seems to be great so far, I would like to say the light output is the best I have seen in a flashlight of this size and the durability makes this a perfect value

    Nov 29,2017

  • Matt Felock
    The light is incredibly bright compared to our old flashlights, and the compact size makes it easier to handle, we live in a rural area with no street lights, so a flashlight is essential for evening walks

    May 11,2018

  • Gavin P.
    Great little flashlight with a big heart, I was amazed the first time I turned this flashlight on as it seemed brighter than any other flashlight I had ever owned, fitting into almost any pocket with ease

    Oct 19,2016