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  • Peter
    Easy to read and use
    The product was easy to use and more accurate than my wrist blood pressure device. It also stores the readings for future reference. My blood pressure registered about 10 points too high at the doctor's office so I am keeping a record for the next month. The blood pressure monitor, is nearly perfect. Each reading is accurate and instills confidence after each use.

    Jan 06,2021

  • Matt
    Easy to measure my blood pressure
    Love the freedom of taking my own blood pressure. Easy to use. Compact, ready to go with it's bag. Will be easy to pack in a suit case or even a carry on. Numbers are easy to read with my old eyes. If I forget what the numbers were I can go back and find them. I am a retired worker and love the ease, comfort, accuracy, and portability.

    Dec 01,2020

  • CJ
    Satisfying product
    My father has to keep track of his blood pressure several times a day. This product measures the same as our doctor's, and our doctor takes the readings from this instrument when my husband goes in for a blood pressure check. I will definitely recommend it to you, you will never be disappointed.

    Nov 27,2020

  • John T
    Great purchase
    It has multiple user settings, and it is quite easy to take your own blood pressure. Good purchase!

    Oct 27,2020

  • Eeg
    Excellent product
    Simple to use,excellent product, truly a great value.

    Nov 21,2020

  • Expert
    Convenient Easy to Use, Highly recommended

    Nov 21,2020

  • Child
    Handy and accrate
    Handy and likely accurate. Worth the price

    Dec 15,2020

  • DVM
    Good blood pressure monitor
    Good blood pressure monitor with memory.

    Dec 07,2020