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  • PA
    Very nice product with exceptional value for money
    Great product. It works as expected.

    I would highly recommend it if you need a bunch of bulbs to create smart lighting. Other options exist and they are a little more refined but they can't compete the price of this product.

    It has a decent app and it can be controlled via google assistant (I haven't tested other options so I can't comment on that). I can't find a way to sync them with music but it isn't crucial.

    Overall I think that it is a great product with an unbeatable price.

    Jan 03,2019

  • Carolyn Gooden-Spearman
    These bulbs are awesome, I had been using smart plugs to control lamps, but in many cases the plugs were hard to get to behind heavy furniture, smart plugs also don't work with hardwired fixtures like ceiling fixtures, with these TP-Link Smart Bulbs, I have other Kasa devices, having Alexa-controlled dimmable lights is surprisingly handy, this bulb is still pricey, but if the LED bulb lasts as long as it's supposed to

    Sep 05,2018

  • Jos茅 Estrada Miranda
    What isn't advertised until you open the box and read the quick start guide is that you can't use this product with a dimmable switch, which was the selling point for me as it is a dimmable bulb, and seems to work as long as the wall switch is set to high, but colors too basic.Too bad blacklight wasn't an option, one pro : The bulb itself stays cool to the touch after several hours of usage.Circadian mode may be useful

    Aug 11,2018

  • OnlineShopper208
    I was looking for a smart bulb that didn't require a hub, even though the LIFX smart bulb was a little brighter, it didn't work consistently and we had to manually reset the light switch to get it to connect to our network again ... not so smart, the TP-Link bulb, so I went ahead and bought a second TP-Link smart bulb, I will be able to buy more than I would have if I had gone with the LIFX bulb

    Aug 20,2018

  • Bossie12
    Wireless Remote Control WiFi Smart Bulb
    Excellent bulb, add in Smart Life app and then use it with Google Home voice commands !
    Turn on, turn off and change colors with only your voice or from your family.
    Don't know how long they will last because it just arrived but i like this bulb.
    To short in my hands to give opinion, but untill now no cons.

    Jul 14,2018

  • MF^10
    Its difficult to figure out if that is the bulb or the Google Home smart device integration, I moved it to a different room and set it up again and it has worked flawlessly, I am not convinced that smart bulbs are the best solution vs other options i.e. smart outlets or smart light switches, if you want to dip your toe in the smart bulb category

    Sep 05,2018

  • Edwin Vizcarra
    The setup was fairly straight forward, though I had to do ` manual' rather than the automated way maybe because I already have other devices established and the app already installed, it just turns the bulb into a wifi network which you join with your phone, then go into the app to configure the actual wifi settings and done

    Aug 31,2018

  • nasser_khalaf
    This is an excellent smart bulb, I found that I was able to skip the account registration step in the Kasa App and still control the Smart Bulb through my local network using the App, your mobile device and the Smart Bulb need to be on the same Wi-Fi network especially important if you have a dual band Wi-Fi router

    Aug 30,2018

  • Lisa Lewis
    This is a great light bulb from TP-link, set up was very easy with the Kasa app, the app also shows the amount of power you are using with the light bulb for the current day, the light output is a very nice warm color and I wold recommend this as a good start for smart bulbs since it is relatively small start up cost

    Jun 30,2018

  • Hamada Egypt
    One of my first steps was to install these light bulbs and sync them with Alexa, it's also very convenient for when you come at night you can either use your app to turn the lights on before you step into your apartment or just use the voice command by naming the specific light bulb you would like to turn on

    Aug 28,2018