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  • Joel
    Tak (0) Kolor: Black
    e usado muchos de este tipo de teclados pero sin duda este a sido el mejor de todos. Los botones se sienten bien al tacto y están bien distribuidos con funciones muy útiles como el de micrófono que es raro verlo en este tipo de teclados, el scroll es muy cómodo de usar fue una excelente idea agregarlo, el panel táctil tiene un área muy amplia y la retroiluminacion no tiene un nivel de brillo ofensivo en lo oscuro ademas de colores muy bonitos que podemos cambiar a gusto. Todo eso en un cuerpo pequeño y muy liviano.sin duda volveré a comprar y recomendare a mis amistades.

    Feb 21,2019

  • ManoPen
    Tak (0) Kolor: Black
    well designed mini keyboard
    I received this mini keyboard after 20 days, in Greece, and from the first moment i loved it! It is really small, but very convenient in the hands, well designed and good quality for the money I spent. It works well with my A5X-Max tv-box, and I am very satisfied. It is easy to use, plug and play, back lit, and nothing is missing.

    May 15,2019

  • Moshi
    Tak (0) Kolor: Black
    The input screen feels like a smartphone screen and the size of the device is slightly bigger than a smartphone, the back light is great for the keyboard and it's a good size to be able to reach all the keys with my thumbs I have small to medium hands, the size is great for using it as a touch pad as it doesn't cause frustration trying to go from one side of the screen to the other or even between monitors, the dedicated volume control on the side is also really useful

    Sep 30,2018

  • Kunwar
    Tak (0) Kolor: Black
    Good Product
    This keyboard is beautifully designed.It has 8 backlights my favorite is rainbow. Auto sleep function is battery saving.It also has voice input which allows you to interact with cortana and google assistant.Scroll wheel is great for scrolling large documents.Buttons feels nice while tapping.Nothing cheap Overall a great product for wireless operation must buy

    Nov 29,2018

  • CMOBrien
    Tak (0) Kolor: Black
    I have never been very good at writing reviews, not very handy if you also use your computer for typing and work, having to put it down and pick it up every time you need to type is cumbersome, then have to plug in the old hard-wired trusty trackball standby for work

    Oct 22,2018

  • Classen21
    Tak (0) Kolor: Black
    I checked Amazon online for a new mouse and visualized which type will be best for my usage, the idea of having a wireless hand held mouse with trackball controlled by my thumb was intriguing, my old mouse had a track ball, this mouse is perfect and really cool

    Oct 16,2018

  • Mangel81
    Tak (0) Kolor: Black
    Buena compra
    Buena construcción y buena sensación al tacto, en una buena opción para la comodidad y practicidad. El plus de este producto es que cuenta con 5 colores en leds para una mayor personalización del mismo. Recomendable.

    Aug 12,2019

  • Erika Luna
    Tak (7) Kolor: Black
    I was worried a Gyro `` air'' mouse would be horrible to use but it's almost like a WII controller, within a second you can get it aligned again by quickly moving it to the opposite side corner and pointing your remote at the mouse cursor on the screen

    Oct 12,2018

  • Gerald B Dean
    Tak (0) Kolor: Black
    good value
    This is the best brand for reliable keyboard using this new setup is growing on me . The least likeable is the tracking lack of info and the total time to receive it. I definitely will tell friends and family.

    Dec 21,2018

  • Tamás
    Tak (0) Kolor: Black
    Wireless Keyboard
    Nagyon jó billentyűzet. A háttérvilágítás változtatható, 7 vagy 8 színben. Windows 10-el tökéletes, de az LG okos tv-vel nem teljesen jó.

    Dec 30,2018