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  • Bruno
    Speedy Mini PC
    I am looking for a portable system to handle my daily tasks and carry videos. It works well and is mainly used for Internet, video and simple games. Overall, this is a nice little PC box.

    May 20,2020

  • Rosenthal
    good value
    It can start the computer in a few seconds and is fast and smooth. I would recommend it to college students or people who move a lot but don't want to retreat because of having a laptop.

    May 22,2020

  • Wilhelm Hock
    Great for a non-Smart TV
    If your room space is limited, this is very valuable to replace the main desktop. I mainly use this as a media center. You can hide this behind the TV.

    May 20,2020

  • Christopher
    works great
    It works great for normal browsing and media viewing.

    May 21,2020

  • Botezatu
    stable and reliable
    stable and reliable performance, less delay and lag.

    May 25,2020