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  • ArijitB
    Great Communication Tool For Event Management, Construction Site.
    This is a great little communication tool for Event Mangement / Construction Site / Large Private Property for coordinate with Multiple parties. Following Pros, I Found So far after using the product for 2-3 Weeks

    1.Due to its size pocket portability is absolute bliss.
    2.Micro USB Charging opens a lot of potentials - Can be charged with any regular charger as well Normal Power Banks (Solar power Power Banks during Crysis period)
    3.Volume is very loud so hearing is no problem in noisy environments.
    4.Radio Reception quality between 2 sets is Great in Large Multi Storied Building - No problems with walls or Floor.
    5.Basically, 1W Output power but you can lower it 0.5W.
    6.Voice Prompt for Each Function.
    7.20 User-defined Memory Channel (16 Pre-Configured but can be fully customizable using USB programming kit)
    Now the shortcomings I found so far ( This is not entirely cons considering price point)

    1.Battery Life is average but again due to the presence of Micro USB port, it is literally unlimited.
    2.Without a PC - Self-programming is not possible due to lack of Keyboard.
    3.Voice Prompt is very loud and can't be lower down using volume but the good thing is it can be turn off once user familiar with the Radio.
    4.There is orange Backlight but it didn't change when you Transmit like higher end models - But I'm just nitpicking here.
    5.Battery prong cable is little big and can't figure out how to route till now and thus lead backplate fitting problem - This is a real problem - Hope Baofeng can solve this.

    Jan 01,2018

  • Evgeniy
    BAOFENG T1 Walkie Talkie
    При весе с аккумулятором около 120 грамм, носить ее сможет даже маленький ребенок, не особо напрягаясь. Заявлена пылевлагозащита по категории IP45,
    Кнопка включения-выключения расположена между антенной и фонариком. На лицевой панели находятся многофункциональные кнопки вверх-вниз и четыре отдельные кнопки для включения фонарика, переключения в режим FM радио, кнопка настройки громкости и кнопка меню настроек, она же кнопка блокировки клавиатуры. Функции кнопок вверх-вниз зависят от того, что вы делаете в текущий момент. В обычном режиме они переключают каналы, в меню позволяют выбрать нужный пункт и значения настроек, регулируют громкость, сканируют частоты FM радио
    ёмкость аккумулятора меньше заявленного, громкость.

    Mar 21,2018

  • Guido
    Good Bang for your Bucks
    The quality of the hardware is pretty good für that amount of money. Sending and receiving was good. Anything needed was included. Features of These Radios where nice and more than somebody privat Needs... it is near amateur already. So enough room to play around as long you order the right cable to program These. Search for T1 cable and don't choose the suggested cable whcih was shown underneath productdescriptions!

    VOX (Voice activated transmission) is absolutly not relaible. No matter what gain Level you choose. Sometimes it works with first word (when you are loud enough - really loud) sometimes it sends only after you spoken already some words (when you are loud enough - really loud). It Shows the same behaviour with and without attached headset/mic. changing mic didn't work (tried with a regular phone headset/mic).

    i would buy it again - as long you don't want to use VOX it's a nice handset

    Jan 23,2019

  • tyutyika
    It's too good :-)
    I ordered it for the kids. It's so fantastic, they had much fun with it. :) At first I wondered how little the body, it's great for children from the age of 5-6.
    The distance where it can be used well is about 4-500 meters, at longer distances it works but the voice is distorted or scattering.

    I really love the idea of the flashlight. Children play commando with them, sneaking under blankets, using the flashlight. :) The radio is a good to have, it is broadband and I can receive more stations than with my purpose-built radio receiver.

    I'd say the battery is OK, could be better as always. I didn't have problems with putting them into the case.

    Thanks Gearbest!

    Jun 26,2019

  • AUO64
    Баофэн Т1 мини рации беспроводной FM радио 2шт $28.99
    Пришли довольно быстро- отслеживались , качественный и не дрогой товар , всё работает , спасибо Китайцам - производителю и продавцу ! А теперь о "рашенпост" г. Алупка -1 посылка валялась у них 3 дня - получил уведомление пришел дали заказное письмо ( моё) через 2 дня ещё 5 уведомления - куча мелочевки . Отследил товар ,оказывается я его получил 2 дня назад ( на самом деле по времени - письмо ) бегу на почту - собираюсь орать и в этот момент 3 бабки выбегают ко мне на встречу с посылкой и кричат " вы так быстро ушли" (на самом деле хромаю) радостно "бегу" домой и только дома вижу разрез снизу пакета ...Будьте внимательны !

    Jan 24,2019

  • Evgeny
    Классные рации
    Классные рации! При получении зарядил, перепрошил и пошел на улицу. Один дома с рацией, вторая у меня... 400-500 метров в условиях города. Вполне достойно. Километр в лесу, думаю, брать будет. На ровнине полтора, думаю.
    Брал в подарок на НГ двум пацанам. Им такие игрушки более чем. :) Уверен, останутся довольны.
    Комплектация для малюток выше всяких похвал.
    Особенно учитывая тот факт, что купил я их за 900р на распродаже и дополнительно использовал поинты. :)
    Емкость аккумуляторов ниже заявленой.
    Полноценное использование только после прошивки, а для этого нужен спец кабель, который прийдется докупать отдельно.

    Jan 13,2018

  • ChinaShop
    Лучший выбор
    Самые удобные рации для обычного человека. Подойдук как рыбакам так и просто детям поиграть в шнионов. Дальность в городских условиях до 600 метров. На пустыре до 2 км. Отличная комплектация, встроенный фонарик и радио. 20 частотных каналов. Активация голосом. Время работы до 12 часов. Удобная зарядка. Отлично лежат в руке.
    Нет, за эти деньги это лучший продукт.

    Jan 04,2018

  • GGr
    Great cheap walkie talkies
    I really like them - they are compact, they work well, they have useful features like flashlight and FM radio.
    They also come with an earpiece and charger/cable, though usual microUSB can be used.
    Radios are preprogrammed and ready to use - an optional USB programming cable is needed for programming new frequencies.
    Their "user interface sounds" are quite loud - I'd prefer them a bit quieter for more stealth.

    Mar 19,2018

  • Yuriy
    Not a bad little unit
    Did anyone read past the top line? If you go down further and look at Specifications, the mobile is: Frequency: UHF400-480MHz
    RF power output: ≤15W and the handhelds are: Frequency: UHF 400-480MHz
    Output Power: ≤2W.
    Where's the problem for a licenced ham using it in the 420-450 segment of the 70cm band?
    The reviews were wrong, with the prograsmming software from the dealer you can put any frequency from 400 to 480 mhz in it. Good little portable mobile setup, scan is not to slow and 20 channels are ok for a general use mobile. I have my GMRS repeater and talk arounds in it as well as some MURS. The unit is very sensitive, the wattage is lower than stated, but it put a higher gain antenna on it. Al in al very good unit

    Mar 11,2018

  • Omar
    Los compré por necesidad en mi trabajo, pero e descubierto lo prácticos que son, mi adquisición se a vuelto una verdadera sorpresa, su fácil manejo, su gran funcionalidad, lo hacen una herramienta muy útil. Si los recomiendo por su buen precio y su excelente calidad.
    I bought them for necessity in my work, but discovered the practical that they are, my acquisition becomes a real surprise, its easy handling, its great functionality, make it a very useful tool. If I recommend them for your good price and its excellent quality.

    Nov 28,2018