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    Superb Product
    Price is amazing considering the price in other seller . Product is good great voice clarity easy to use and we do not need the adapter to change to 110v input . Works fine as it has the margin of 110v to 240v ..
    Superb, Brilliant, Amazing.....

    Oct 29,2017

  • Arne
    This is a great little UHF radio.
    Nothing can beat this product for this price.
    Remember to program your channels before use, so you don't interference with frequencies that you are not allowed to transmit on in your country. Buy a programing cable
    No cons.

    Aug 12,2016

  • Mohd Zainul Huda
    best walkie talkie.....
    *) Easy to use.
    *) Very good built quality.
    *) Long lasting back up.
    *)No cons. at all....

    Mar 08,2018

  • forest
    Baofeng 888s
    Cool radios, in city range up to 800m for that price very nice.
    Battery works well, and use of them is easy.
    The only thing you need to do - proper radio programming, since some of ranges are not allowed in EU countries.

    Nov 10,2018

  • Martin
    BF-888S walkie talkie
    For its price- just great. Battery life is good, range is good. Sturdy. Good product!
    None at all!

    Nov 17,2017

  • Gray
    Fine Walkie-Talkie
    1. Nice plastic.
    2. The ability to reprogram the channels.
    3. Scrambler.
    4. Tones.
    5. Easy to use
    1. For this price, no complaints.
    No, seriously - no complaints.

    Sep 30,2016

  • Max
    -2 pcs for the price
    -very good overal build quality
    -has scrambler
    -frequencies can be programmed
    -it is better to reprogram frequencies for the ones allowed in your country.

    Mar 27,2017

  • Yuriy
    Отличные рации за свои деньги, дальность связи больше 2=х километров не проверяли, но на нужном нам расстоянии отрабатывают на отлично

    Mar 24,2019

  • Rádio Walkie Talkie
    Good Enough
    The radio it’s good as the price !! In open areas works great, in the city with some buildings not so good ! But I liked and recommend if u are not looking for something “professional” !!

    Feb 06,2019

  • Sharks015
    Baofeng BF-888S Walkie Talkie
    This is small but usefull tool for amateurs, and absolute beginners in radio-amaterism. Posibility of programming gave you a chance to extend distance of transmiting. Hard plastic case, and high gain antena are so good.
    Low range ...

    Feb 05,2016