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  • Gergely
    Very good case for its price!
    The soft corner bumpers are really amazing, it saved my phone already a few times :) The case envelops the phone quite nicely, so if you put a screen protector on your screen with this. I don't really think that your phone will get damaged by any normal accidents unless you really try to cause them.
    The hard cover's edges started to show some wear after a month.

    Jul 09,2018

  • brazuca
    Excelente capa
    Capa dura, pesada, bonita, com boa pega, não desliza, é bem resistente, encaixa bem justa no aparelho, tem bordas reforçadas, e as partes frontal e traseira são ligeiramente mais altas, reduzindo chances de arranhões na lente da câmera e na tela. Recomendo muito!

    Jan 22,2019

  • Mike
    Good desing
    I like the desing, but its little hard the tpu part i would prefer i was more softy, the part of the speaker its great, 1mont later the plastic part is losing the paint

    Oct 03,2018

  • B4R0N
    Good product
    Good product:
    - Works smooth with tempered glass (no bubbles)
    - Looks solid
    - Good grip
    - Good protection
    - Nice design
    - Cheap
    - protective plastic layer makes it stronger

    Sep 21,2018

  • Kerr
    very good case for price
    Not much bulk
    Fits precise
    Ports and holes aligned properly

    May 20,2018

  • Ewerton
    Encomenda atrasada
    a capa possui boa qualidade e os serviços prestados pela gearbest foram muito bons, a encomenda chegou atrasada mas foi por causa dos correios brasileiros mesmo
    nada contra

    Jul 29,2018

  • omar trejo
    What's disappointing is the additional space, Yes there's a net on the other side for you to put things in, but I'm barely comfortable putting a charger in there

    May 22,2018

  • Hugo
    The case is good, I can fulfill all my expectations.
    Very good product. Also fast and quality delivery, quality packaging

    Dec 21,2018

  • Damianejro
    Na zdjęciach wygląda lepiej i bardziej solidnie niż w rzeczywistości jednak w takiej cenie jak najbardziej polecam

    Oct 02,2018

  • Orlando Mendoza
    Buena Calidad
    solo quería un simple protector case para golpes, pero este es eso y más, tiene tapones para sellar la posible entreda de agua o polvo en lugares importantes, está hecho a la medida para mí, que trabajo con metales y madera y tierra.
    ninguna, de momento

    Jul 20,2018