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  • Jason Avery
    Great quality, easy to use
    We set up two cameras. One for the front door, and one for the kids playroom. It took me less than ten minutes to set up this little Aqara home smart security camera. The app itself I would consider very user-friendly with simple settings and features. Simplified but still with advanced features, especially around notifications and reminders that serves well as a personal helper. If I decide that I want a little privacy, I can just stop the camera from my phone. It might be the first thing my wife has talked me into that is actually useful.

    Jul 01,2020

  • OrlandoMFS
    Nice Camera!
    The day vision on this camera is great. The night vision is spectacular! The camera picks up motion if someone or something walks in front of it in the dark. But it will also register when a light comes on. If I keep my foyer dark, I can keep track of when my kids get up and flick the hallway light on. I can also get notified when they get out of bed. Great price for the quality!

    Jul 03,2020

  • Eugenio
    spettacolare fotocamera
    Come sempre puntuale nella consegna in tempi brevi.Prodotto veramente eccellente.Sto rendendo sempre più smart la mia abitazione e questi prodotti AQARA SONO VERAMENTE OK.Paragonata ad altre fotocamere in mio possesso questa è semplicissima nella configurazione e migliore nella qualità video.Dimenticavo il prezzo di un terzo inferiore rispetto la concorrenza più blasonata.Continuerò ad acquistare altri prodotti della stessa linea.

    Jul 25,2020

  • Bosco
    Gorgeous and good
    I like its beautiful color. Very easy setup even for the technically challenged. The notifications are great, sending me a message when the kids leave their room.

    Jun 30,2020

  • Theodore
    A great product and it works great!
    This camera is incredible, has a great night vision feature, the picture quality is out of this world. And the best part of this it’s not expensive.

    Jul 01,2020

  • Lisa03
    Function Meets Style
    Great small camera. Its features are just as good as its design. It’s amazing how much impact something so small has had on our daily lives.

    Jul 01,2020

  • joe
    Picture quality motion detector and night vision awesome
    This product have best night vision motion detection and picture quality very easy setup and you can access any where with its app

    Jul 01,2020

  • N. Campbell
    my pet camera
    this is very easy to use. it took me a while to set up but i got it. love how clear and also that my dog can hear me. i highly recommended it.

    Jul 03,2020

  • Paweł
    Best of the best
    The best HomeKit Camera with Home Secure Video. Very good quality video in day and night. And the best price. Good job Aqara.

    Aug 19,2020

  • BigJohn54
    Works great for what it is
    Good picture, compact, great sound from speakers in camera. But you really need some patience for delivery.

    Jun 29,2020