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  • Liscazza
    Best Delta printer , value for money
    I took some time to properly evaluate this printer, I am a lover of this brand, I admit it, but moreover, every time they take certain jewels out of their hat, they can only be really satisfied, I come from the generation in which the 3d printers were mostly all the same and being able to print something decent passed first for months or years of tweaks and changes up to a barely acceptable level, then the professional machines arrived, with prices to make the leather, there was no middle ground until a couple of years ago, then anycubic arrived and practically filled this gap, producing machines with the aim of offering a product with semi-professional characteristics at a very aggressive price, in some cases even professional (I speak of photon which is in fact used by professionals ...) This predator is exactly this, the deltas have always been cr oce and delight, difficult to configure but capable of returning great satisfactions, the pleasure of observing the piece still on the plate that materializes, the speed on average higher than any other machine and the ability to manage large dimensions are the combination that makes this machine practically impossible to beat at the price at which it is offered (considering also the fact that there are often excellent promotions for the affials to facebook groups which are then the place where those few difficulties that can be encountered are actually covered) Coosa I can add , I have only mounted the dumpers on the engines (spending 6 € in total) which practically cancel the noise of the engines (this applies to all printers but here you have difficulty understanding at a meter if it is stopped or if it is printing and not I am exaggerating). A machine suitable for those who really want to focus only on the result and not lose half of their time in the settings. One thing that frankly surprised me is the perfect management of the retraction that allows you to print without those horrible imperfections due to the "cobwebs" and then the fact that while printing at layers greater than 0.2 the quality result does not decrease ... indeed it increases. It is undoubtedly the ideal machine for those who want to print large sizes, but also need to have detail when the dimensions are smaller. An all in one that gives really great satisfaction.

    Apr 06,2020

  • Max
    Génial, super qualité/prix
    Attention machine terrifiante ! Elle porte bien son nom. Dès l’ouverture du carton on se rend compte qu’elle est énorme !
    Se monte très facilement et la prise en main est simple, il faut juste un petit temps d’adaptation quand on a l’habitude aux écrans classiques avec molette, mais au final c’est beaucoup mieux.
    La qualité des pièces est au rdv, il y a un peu de ghosting mais ça peut se régler avec des TL smoothers ou en changeant la carte. J’ai essayé une grosse pièce à 300mm/s et elle y va !
    Le ventilateur de la CM est assez bruyant mais ce n’est pas trop dérangeant, le reste de la machine est silencieux même à haute vitesse.

    Merci Anycubic pour la composition du carton : pince coupante, pince fine, spatule, tête complète supplémentaire, gants, aiguilles, 1kg de pla, clés...

    Je regrette juste que le buildtack ne soit pas collé droit, c’est juste esthétique mais faites un effort au montage.

    Nov 24,2019

  • Exodus
    Отличный 3d принтер для печати больших моделей
    Печатает сразу из коробки! Отличный принтер
    -в работе калибровки стола не составило труда разобраться новичку
    -богатая комплектация
    -скорость печати
    -хорошая адгезия стола, PETG держит железно
    -полноценная катушка 1кг белого PLA в комплекте

    Теперь о минусах:
    -очень шумные вентиляторы на горячем конце, слышно в другой комнате
    -закрытая прошивка
    -калибровка стола бесполезна, где-то сопло царапает поверхность
    -в интернете очень мало информации как о самом принтере так и по его улучшению
    -плата 3горилла и несъёмные драйвера
    -перетянутые ролики направляющих, первым делом нужно настраивать их натяжение
    -слишком громкая пищалка на плате, пришлось залепить скотчем, стало более-менее приемлемо

    В целом за свои деньги по цене-качеству неплохой вариант, но придётся вложиться чтобы довести до ума.

    Jan 26,2020

  • Budina
    Great and fast machine
    Prints well right out of the box. I printed a 40 cm (16 inch) high vase and it took just 3 h 40 mins. Benchy looks great, side surface is nice and smooth, overhangs are also good. Had my PSU damaged, but after messaging Anycubic, they sent a replacement and here I am, a week later, with an awesomely working machine.

    Shipped from Germany, arrived in 3 days even while the covid-19 emergency state.

    Apr 01,2020

  • Graham
    Great printer
    This printer is massive! I did a lot of research prior to purchase and it looks like Anycubic acted on some of the criticism and added dampers to the stepper motors. Out of the box this printed awesomely. Can't wait to see how a Duet works on it.

    Jan 10,2020

  • rleeb6154
    AnyCubic Predator
    I bought this to be a big brother to my AnyCubic Delta Kossel Linear printer.
    I have already printed several mods and I couldn't ne happier.
    Easy setup and leveling. Highly recommend.

    Oct 10,2019

  • Zarpas
    Nice Quality Printer
    I Am Happy with my new delta printer.
    Very Good Materials quality.
    Easy assembly Instructions.
    Easy Set Up and nice printring.
    Large Format Printing.
    Fully Recommended

    Mar 27,2020

  • FF
    Large good Delta Prnter
    The build volume is really large for this price and yes it works really fine.
    + Large build volume
    + Price
    +++ Anycubic support (super fast and always helpful)
    + easy to use and calibrate
    - cheape fans you should change
    - Tha arms are railed in standard ALU profiles you should upgrade to linear rails

    Apr 06,2020

  • Cataldo
    My Christmas gift
    As big and heavy as expected 8)

    I was a bit scared when the touchscreen was not working, I mean it was not reacting on touch! After removing and setting back the screen ribon cable, everything was working back

    Dec 24,2019

  • did
    reçu en temps et en heures. bien emballer, montage facile,fonctionne très bien pour le moments. par contre je ne trouve pas vraiment de pièces détachée pour mettre en stocks

    Nov 24,2019