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  • omar
    buen producto
    es un producto con buena calidad, la estructura es fuerte y el ensamble fácil de hacer, la placa de control no es de la mejor calidad pero funciona y es completamente personalizable hablado de software, en calidad precio es muy recomendable aún que es buena idea pedir otro cabezal para corte ya que los que vienen de serie con la la quina se quedan un poco cortos con proyectós de corte.

    Jul 11,2019

  • Lufi
    Alfawise c10
    Ár érték arányban nagyon jó gép. Pár apróságot (pl tekerőkarokat) kell nyomtatni hozzá, de gy is jól használható. Ajánlom azoknak, akik gravírozni, vagy kis dolgokat marni szeretnének. Még annyi, hogy a motorja nem túl gyors (ebben a kategóriában mindegyik ilyen), azt majd cserélni fogom.

    Jun 13,2019

  • Barbara
    I bought it home, for want of realizing my digital 3D models stored in my computer.
    I bought it home, for want of realizing my digital 3D models stored in my computer. This engraving machine is fun. It is a bit difficult for a 12-year-old child. The customer service said it costs one hour for assembly, but my son worked hard for an afternoon.

    Feb 24,2019

  • PelliRon
    Satisfying Machine
    It really take me some time to assamble it. I built the laser module together and the machine works very well. I am so satisfied with the 2.5W laser that engrave an ornament, a the result very satisfactory. Great machine.

    Mar 01,2019

  • Mylord Li
    Satisfied machine
    I bought this machine together with 2.5W laser head. It is perfectly compatible with mycomputer. That software LaserGRBL is easier to use

    Feb 27,2019

  • Milen Simeonov
    the package came fasteasy to assemble, the callibration of Y axis is a bit tricky I recommend this for novice like me

    Apr 24,2019

  • MrUnknow
    Very satisfied until now.
    Small noise, the lettering and the engraving are very clear. The price is also cheaper than real store... Very satisfied until now.

    Feb 27,2019

  • Pascu Claudiu
    Alfawise C10
    the cnc machine is complete, simple to assemble and solid, I will write more after testing!

    May 27,2019

  • Razvan
    I got this CNC for PCB milling. The spindle should be faster, but overall this seems to be a good purchase.

    Jun 01,2019

  • Lenord
    Good enough for my daily use
    2500mW laser with good enough penetration. Perform well in engraving letters

    Feb 24,2019