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  • Colin Wilson
    Seems ok, but I have GUI / usability issues
    The box is tiny, well packaged, and seemingly very good value. I've knocked a point off for starters as I've got some concerns about the front end that I haven't been able to work out immediately. If I can't get these resolved, I'd drop it to maybe 1 or 2 stars at most, and suggest buying something else :-/1) I installed Kodi via the Google app store, and it loads very quickly (which is nice compared to the unit I was using) - but for the life of me I can't find it amongst the "my apps" list. It would seem the only way I can open Kodi is to open the Google app store, search for it, then click 'open'. I'm guessing the same will happen with anything else I install :-(2) I can't get an on screen display of the buttons you'd find on a phone, as such I can't close down any apps that are running. There's an icon that looks like a recycle symbol but all it seems to do is remove additional icons you've added to the bottom row of the GUI.

    Mar 18,2019

  • GG
    Netflix cannot be control with the remote
    Be aware that Netflix cannot be controlled using the remote. I have contacted Gearbest support and the only solution is to plug a mouse to be able to navigate in Netflix. I a bit disappointed as I bought this Android TV box mainly for Netflix.Most of the apps cannot be updated using Play store as they do not appear in your list of installed app. Netflix cannot be found on the Play store, I tried using a link from Chrome, but Play store says that Netflix is not compatible with this box. So forget the updates.The others apps work great ( as Youtube or Kodi). One benefit compare to an other box such as the Mi Box, is that Chrome is installed by default and you will be able to use this box to navigate on the web (even if it is a bit slow, but for this price it is good enough).

    Apr 18,2019

  • SoBuy
    Alfawise A8X Android 9 Tv Box
    I received my equipment. He is very small and does not take up space. The menu is ok. He is not slow. It is nice to use. The product is well packaged. (The content of the box: Tvbox with Android 9, dc adapter, HDMI cable, remote control and small instruction booklet) On the Tvbox we find a 1xusb3 input, 1xusb2, tf card, hdmi, av, dc and lan. Wi-Fi 2.4g and 5g, Bluetooth, 2g + 16g storage included. This little Tvbox is perfect for movie viewing, listening to music, browsing and of course YouTube!

    Apr 15,2019

  • Alexandr
    Моя первая приставка(тв бокс).
    Понадобилась не дорогая и надежная приставка. Читая отзывы от предыдущей модели, выбар пал на эту. Обновленный чип, 9 андроид, обкатаная оболочка. Приставка пришла в пакете и коробке. В комплект входят: приставка, блок питания, HDMI кабель, пульт и инструкция. Первый день работала не очень. Был рассинхрон звука и видео по Youtube и IPTV от провайдера. Снес ютуб, установил из Плеймаркета , потом понял, что зря. На следующий день, всё нормально заработало, может что-то докачалось или "фиксики починили").

    Apr 23,2019

  • Lauren.R
    Good quality
    Very small, but works just as well as any other Android machine. This will turn your TV into a smart TV without the need for a new one. If you want to download music/movies from the Internet, this is the right choice. WiFi and wired connections are good. A few days before my first test of WiFi, it worked fine. So far, it has been running smoothly without any glitches.

    Feb 17,2019

  • jambul
    good product
    The product is quite good when compared to the price. Android 9 runs quite smoothly without obstacles. it's just that the remote conflict with my TV (polytron), when I press the mouse button, the TV will exit the HDMI mode and also the 'wireless display' application cannot display the display of my xiaomi cellphone.

    Apr 23,2019

  • Mike
    TV box bueno
    Excelente TV box de entrada, todo va super fluido, es altamente recomendable agregarle un ratón USB o mejor aun un teclado ratón inalámbrico. Solamente no me acostumbro al youtube que traía por defecto =, mejor me descargue el del Gplay

    Apr 03,2019

  • Veronica
    Good enough
    I was very pleased with the packaging of this product. It arrived in the date they had estimated. I haven’t had the chance to fully experience all of it’s utilities some things are fast some are not. Sometimes it freezes while logging into an account. Over all I like the product, couldn’t ask more for the price.

    Oct 03,2019

  • Victoria.TT
    The Alfawise A8X Android 9.0 3D TV BOX is a great android box that can be used for multiple purposes. I was impressed with the response time, the apps open very fast and I don’t experience issue with the apps freezing. And many interfaces. Recommend this android box if you are in the market for getting one!

    Jan 24,2019

  • Hunter
    No me gusto el producto
    Es muy pequeño, el android no es tan fluido, el Bluetooth es malisimo, el WIFI también, se pone lento al reproducir 4K puro, el dnla no funciona.En conclusión: no lo recomiendo.

    Apr 23,2019