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  • Fabio Barroso
    Entrega do pacote
    Package arrived fully sealed. Good packaging from Gerbaest. The only problem was that due to having ordered the clocks, the package was for fiacalization and it was opened, customs passed a tape to seal again, and also the watches did not come in the boxes as requested and it was stated in the advertisement, several people who received these same watches came in the original boxes of the brand. and even is the delivery time of the post office, always a garbage of delay.
    All items were present, exactly as I chose.

    Dec 03,2018

  • adrian
    very good and cheap cable
    very good and cheap cable works well with my samsung a5 thanks quality good
    it looks strength. supports quick charge

    Sep 10,2018

  • Sofia
    95cm Nylon Woven Cord Aluminum Alloy Interface Data Sync and Charging Cable for Android
    Bom 95cm Nylon Woven Cord Aluminum Alloy Interface Data Sync and Charging Cable for Android.................................................................................................................................

    Mar 15,2018

  • Allyson
    love it!!!!!!!!!!
    I rated this item 5 stars because the prices are amazing!!! I chose this product because other stores sell this for more than $1.00, and it would have been nice if an adapter was included.

    this product unfortunatly not as long as i thought it would be.

    Oct 06,2018

  • Igor
    95cm Micro USB Interface Data Sync / Charging Cable for Android
    Cabo apresenta ótima qualidade, e, por ser de nylon, é assim bem resistente. Suas pontas são reforçadas. Recomendo este produto, pois apresenta ótimo custo benefício e, até o momento não apresentou nenhum problema sendo utilizado para carregar celular.

    Sep 18,2018

  • tmcm
    Micro USB Interface Data Sync / Charging Cable for Android - SILVER
    I'm very happy with this product.
    Its very cheap and works fine.
    Have a nice design and the cable have good quality.
    No cons.

    May 11,2018

  • Samuel Goulart
    Somehow it doens't work correctly on my phone
    - It is resistent, and with a solid building;
    - It is flexible;
    - It has the right price for the item.
    - I just don't know why, but it did not fitted ok on my phone, it was with free space at the micro-USB charger, so it wasn't doing it's job ok;
    - It was NOT just on my phone, my brother's phone also had that issue with the cable, plus with my dad's phone, although on my mother's phone, it fitted in regularly;
    It took a REALLY LONG time to come (bought in December, arrived on March)

    Jul 25,2018

  • Joseph
    95cm Micro USB Interface Data Sync / Charging Cable for Android
    Elég jó termék. agyon hamar megérkezett. Teljesen jól működik. Hamar feltölti a telefonomat egy megfelelő töltőfej társaságában.
    nincs hátránya

    Aug 06,2018

  • JT
    Great Cable
    It works very good gives more power than my original Xiaomi cable. Material is good, with metal connectors, and price is so low, perfect product

    Apr 03,2018

  • nice cable
    nice cable
    its long and has nice colours and charges my phone has a good build and it is strong

    Jul 18,2018