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QIDI TECH Duża Inteligentna drukarka klasy przemysłowej X-max 5 calowy ekran dotykowy 3D print 300x250x300mm
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QIDI TECH Duża Inteligentna drukarka klasy przemysłowej X-max 5 calowy ekran dotykowy 3D print 300x250x300mm

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4.98 61 Opinie | Please refer to English description
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Main Features

Wytłaczarki z czterech stron dmuchanie Turbofan
5-calowy kolorowy ekran dotykowy z intuicyjnymi ikonami pozwala na łatwą obsługę
Wielkość budowy: 300mm x 250mm x 300mm / 11.8" x 9.8" x 11.8"
Pełna metalowa podpora bardziej stabilne niż wspornik z tworzywa sztucznego, lotnictwo aluminium, stopu aluminium CNC
Qidi TECH Profesjonalny zespół po-usługi, jeśli masz jakiekolwiek wątpliwości na temat naszej drukarki 3D, będziemy odpowiadać w ciągu 24 hours.Free roczną gwarancją.


Package Size(L x W x H)
Package Weights
Package Contents
X-Max 3d printer X 1,Acrylic Covers X 1,Power Cord X1,USB Flash Drive X 1,Screw driver X 1,User Guide X 1,Filament Spool Holder & Gasket,Spare Part Box X 1, Filament X 1,Leveling Paper X 1,Lan Cable X 1,High Temperature Extruder& Instruction X 1
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4.98 out of 5
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  • Chris
    Good Printer
    I have lots of experience with 3D printers and I have to say this printer so far has been great. I have printed a variety of materials and the layer adhesion and overall print quality is exceptional. It is very heavy and rigid which does help dampen some of the sounds. Having two extruders as well as a bunch of spare included parts makes repairing the machine a breeze, and the build plate is extremely nice. The touch screen is very nice, and the features it offers such as being able to jog the machine around is much better than other printers I have used. Qidi has their own slicer based on Cura, but also include a profile for other slicers as well.

    However, there are some issues I have with the printer. The first one is the main extruder tenders to clog, a lot. It usually clogs when trying to exchange filament, so it may just be something on my part. My second complaint is the visibility in the machine is limited at best, especially when the build plate is laying the first layer down. You can quickly open the door to take a look or see inside from the top, but if you have the printer on a semi-tall desk it makes it difficult to look in from the top. Furthermore, for an enclosed printer there are quite a few gaps and openings were radiant heat can escape through, however I have yet to have a print warp due to enclosure heat loss.

    Overall, if you are looking for a 3D printer with a large build volume for a good price this is an extremely good option and will provide you with exceptional quality and performance.

    Note, if ordering with Paypal you WILL be charged an "international transaction fee" that is a certain percentage of the product cost. However, this fee should not deter you from purchasing this item.

    May 09,2020

  • M. Baal
    Amazing QIDI 3D Printer
    This is the first 3D printer I have ever purchased. I had been looking at various models from different manufacturers for about 2 months.But finally, I opted for the QIDI X-Max due to the double Z-axis mounts and significantly larger print volume. With an almost 11x10x11 print area, I can print almost anything I want. What is more useful to me is that I am printing a large number of small figures. As such, the ability to easily print 20 copies of the same item at the same time is very handy and time efficient.
    There are several features that I had not anticipated needing but am grateful that they were included with this model. I am able to use the WiFi connection to send the print image to the printer where it is stored on a USB drive (16GB stick is included) prior to printing. I can also copy the GCode file directly onto the USB drive from my computer after the included software QIDI Print generates the file.
    This frees up my computer to do more image creations while the printer is busily printing the current print job. The printer comes with 2 of the print bed sheets that are removed from the printer for ease in removing the printed object. I just swap the two sheets and remove the printed objects when I have time.
    The good news is that it does not slow me down when I have several things to print on multiple sheets. In fact, I already purchased 2 additional sheets that will help me move items through the printing process faster.

    Sep 11,2019

  • Jojo
    Highly recommend
    I have purchased this printer and I’m very happy with it overall.
    The delivery was fast enough considering the current situation in the world. The printer comes pretty much ready to go and the instructions are very straightforward, you can unbox and get printing within minutes. Physically it looks very sleek too.

    The support team are very prompt and usually reply within less than 24 hours and they have been very helpful with everything I needed.

    There some upgrades that might be necessary to be done in the printer in order to get an optimal print and avoid ruined prints, but most of them are just some prints of items that can assist and improve the printing experience.

    I also would like to see more information online about the printer as there is very few tutorials and information. I have encountered a few issues when printing some of the items and most of this issues could easily be avoided if there was more information, videos, tutorial,... online and provided by the seller

    I’m still testing the printer, its functionality and performance, but as I mentioned above I’m very happy with the product overall and would certainly recommend it.

    Aug 21,2020

  • J. Stephen
    A Color touch screen that shows a rendering of your model so you know you copied and chose it correctly

    The magnetic print surface works well and it is very easy to get my prints off by bending the sheet

    The dual-shaft design for the Z axis works very smoothly, and all of the steppers seem to be very nice quality and are smooth and quiet too

    The spool holder can hold up to three rolls of filament at once, though it may only be practical to put two on there so they can easily be slid to the middle when in use

    The print surface on the Max is huge. I wear a size 12 shoe and, if I print it diagonally, I can print the whole sole. Or you can print a life-sized head, and I intend to print several glow-in-the-dark skulls for Halloween this year. The Max itself is huge too though -- about 2 feet on each side, with another 8 inches on top for the dome.

    The software (Qidi Print) has a cool feature where, after you assemble your tray and hit go, it checks for a removable memory stick and if it finds one you can copy to the stick and eject it with two easy button clicks right in Qidi. Other than that it's ok, with a decent UI.

    Sep 19,2019

  • Nunuz57
    Very good printer
    I bought this printer January 2020, and I'm very happy about it for the moment.
    LCD display is comfortable, it's very nice to see pictures of files present on your Usb Key.
    The Magnetic Build Plate is very useful to remove easily big printed content.
    Bed is very stable, I adjust it only once, no need to touch unless you switch to the high temp extruder. The volume of print is very comfortable to print big content.
    The USB interface present is only to retrieve gcode from Usb Key, but with simple FT232RL FTDI (about 5 euro) you can use this printer with OctoPrint.
    I was able to print really small figurine 30mm high with layers of 0.05mm
    Customer Support is beautiful, I had issue with my extruder that was always clogged and they provide me quickly the new version of extruder with a longer PTFE tube.
    A simple tips that I can provide is to keep the door open and to remove the top cover while printing PLA to avoid to hot temperature inside the printer, quality will be much better for PLA.

    May 28,2020

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