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  • Thomas
    For anti-backlash nuts, these ones are basically the only good choice. The material is good, I am pretty fond of it. It fits my printer very well and fill the gap effectively. Also the price is reasonable for me, overall, the product is exactly what I need, so I think you will also like this practical product

    Oct 16,2020

  • Jason
    Did a good job
    They get the job done and they fit the replacement for my 3D printer perfectly so the tolerances all seem fine. After using for a while, I think this is really a good thing, It features a two-stage structure with a high-quality spring in the middle, so that they eliminate the gap between nut and screw.

    Dec 14,2020

  • Ststa
    Great product
    Finally got around to installing these Anti Backlash Nuts after having it for a while. Boy, I'm sure glad that I did. It can eliminate the gap between the nut and the screw for my printer effectively, I would say it work well and very worth the price as well. Highly recommended

    Nov 14,2020

  • Lindstrom
    Easy to install and use
    Purchased for my 3d printer, easy to install and use

    Jan 10,2021

  • Kircher
    Good anti-backlash nuts I bought so far

    Dec 27,2020

  • Eric M
    Like it
    Excellent product I am really into it

    Dec 04,2020

  • James
    High quality, very satisfied with it

    Dec 27,2020

  • David
    Awesome anti-backlash nut
    Brilliant anti-backlsh ever

    Dec 21,2020