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  • h fowler
    I can plug a bunch of stuff into one device and have it charge them all at the same time instead of having multiple power bricks/cords everywhere

    Jun 30,2018

  • Jasmine Kellum
    Is it a handy multiple device charger -- or one-stop opportunity for your family to steal all of your good charging cables

    Dec 06,2017

  • Bina
    I love the small size of this - perfect for my bedside table to plug in those devices I want in the bedroom at night

    Sep 25,2018

  • A Guy
    Works well in a family room where you need multiple USB port to charge multiple devices at once

    Jun 15,2018

  • Lloyd Croskey
    Far so good - have only used for a few days but works well with various devices

    Nov 30,2017

  • Bobbert
    You just don't have enough outlets for everyone devices

    Jul 11,2018

    I can charge multiple devices at the same time

    Apr 06,2018