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  • Jorjo
    102 Solderless Breadboard for Arduino Proto Shield
    As an electronic educator i am using a lot of breadboards for electronic experiments in Analog and Digital electronics. This is a good deal with 3 breadboards and in good price. Using the clips on sides you can connect all the breadboard as one (for larger projects). Totally recommended.

    Jul 09,2019

  • Jana K
    3 PCS MB-102 Solderless Breadboard for Arduino Proto
    - 3 pcs of breadboard
    - Good to have for prototyping arduino projects or other electronics projects
    - Quality is not the best, but do its functions.

    Nov 03,2018

  • paul mizik
    Purchased because I needed to replace my lost laptop screws and wasn't sure what size I needed, my laptop is black and the screws I needed just happened to be the only ones in the whole box that were silver, the screws are working just fine and now I have enough replacement screws to last a lifetime

    Sep 12,2017

  • Matt @ LookIntoHawaiiDotCom
    I have naturally curly colored hair, flat ironing doesn't always give me that silky straight look that I want, i ordered this product and was sceptical thinking it my not be the same pressing results that I had when my mother was using her pressing comb

    Oct 26,2017

  • Erik Alejandro
    Excel Calidad para evitar malas conexiiones
    a comparación de otros productos este ofrece buen rendimiento para evitar problemas como sucede en otras pracas al utilizar microontroladores, ya que en otro tío de placas tiene malas conexiones
    ideal para altas frecuencias, ofrece bajo ruido o interferencias bajas ideal para que tus tareas no fallen, recubrimiento de níquel

    May 05,2019

  • Seamus Owens
    I was a little disappointed that this size I needed to screw in the Dell Laptop HDDs was not included, i guess it was my fault for not trying to figure out the screw size and assume that with so many sizes one would have to fit

    Apr 01,2017

  • Gates
    The screws offered were the same sizes I needed for my HP Pavilion and my Toshiba laptop computer, i am very satisfied with the sizes of screws offered, different types of screws

    Jan 07,2017

  • Otavio Henrique
    Really nice product
    It is a really good product and a great priceXbenefit as well.
    for those of you who would like to buy this product i totally recommend
    Not a single con.

    Jun 22,2018

  • Mike
    Fine breadboards
    •Good build quality

    •I personaly tested all leads and all working fine

    •Double sided tape undernearth to mount in any surface
    None so far

    Jun 19,2018

  • Joshua Cook
    Good Quality screws, i used them for my quadcopter since the price was much lower than the ones sold for the quadcopter

    Aug 13,2018