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  • Sun
    Highly recommend
    My son is beyond happy with his LED lights. The sensor for the remote is very sensitive. They have a very strong adhesion which I’m excited about. We bought a different brand once and the adhesion was not great at all. Kept falling off the back of his TV. I strongly suggest this product. Very happy and satisfied.

    Dec 12,2020

  • JM
    Easy to use
    Awesome! Easy to set up and looks great. Worked perfectly for our 50ft space though. We had a few inches at the ends and instead of cutting it, which you can do, my daughter made a small heart. I use them at night while playing video games in my room as they are more subtle than an overhead light.

    Dec 15,2020

  • MikeJ
    I haven't installed them yet but plugged them in and let my daughter play with the remote and it functioned very well and the lights are very bright. She's happy and so am I. They will be installed on the top of crown molding in the ceiling to make her room cool. These lights are great!

    Nov 24,2020

  • Sheldon
    5 thumbs up
    All the LED light up when test before installation.

    Dec 03,2020

  • Ashley
    Great product
    The remote works fine and offers plenty of fun.

    Nov 28,2020

  • Leo
    Better than I thought
    My overall opinion is that these are worth it!

    Dec 17,2020

  • Lily
    Recommend it to you
    The lights are very bright and beautiful.

    Sep 15,2020

  • Joe
    Amazing Product
    My teen son loves the lights in his room.

    Oct 19,2020