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  • Andor
    Telescopic Blowpipe
    It is a great helper at fire staring, or relighting the hot embers. While you using it your head is not exposed to the heat and smoke of the fire, focusing the air to the most important place.The plastic case is useful, keeps it clean. The blowpipe is light enough to carry it in the shirt pocket without noticing it is there. From now on this telescopic blowpipe is part of my fire starting kit.It is a simple product, i have find no fault in it.

    May 29,2019

  • Andrew O'Cuinneagain
    Quality Lil Piece
    Received this item today & am very chuffed with my purchase! It's made of good quality & is in a plastic protective case.I would have easily paid triple the price for this product but G.B. always have Quality products for very reasonable prices! I've ordered quite a lot now at this stage & I've yet to be disappointed "not that I'm expecting to" I love this online shopping site & always recommend G.B. to family & friends!They have something for everyone

    Oct 25,2018

  • Gutes Survivalgadged
    Für das zuverlässigen anzünden eines Feuers
    Für das zuverlässigen anzünden eines Feuers oder auch zum entfachen von Grillkohle sehr nützlich!Habe das in meinen Überlebensset aufgenommen!Die Anblasröhre ist sehr klein zusammenschiebbar! Und wiegt fast nichts!Sie konzentriert den Luftstrom direkt auf die Glut!Was genauso wichtig ist-durch ausziehen der Hilfe ist die Nähe zum Feuer nicht so groß!

    Sep 23,2018

  • NixNax
    Mouth bellows,fire blower.
    I haven’t used it yet but i like it as an object. Nicely made and I have seen it used to get stick stoves and fires roaring without having to crouch on the floor and blow into the fire. For the price paid it’s a bargain(if you need one)...

    Sep 16,2018

  • Tomas
    Telescopic Blowpipe Fire Tool
    Nice small folding pipe. maybe it's a shame that it's not titanium. ideal for burning briquettes or charcoal. I use it often. well thank you.

    Sep 03,2018

  • great
    works well
    not magnetic so wont rustmine all working greatnot much else to say reallyfor starting fires by blowing on them from a distance simple but goodstops smoke getting in ya eyes

    Oct 10,2018

  • Fred
    10mm Outdoor 304 Stainless Steel Telescopic Blowpipe
    Excellent Outdoor 304 Stainless Steel Telescopic 10mm Blowpipe for facilitating starting a campfire. Blows like a hurricane in a directed concentrated manner.

    Mar 12,2019

  • Heath
    These are great
    These are great little things. I sure wouldn’t have expected so much from these but was pleasantly surprised

    Sep 11,2019

  • Art
    Good to have when you need it
    I bought this out of curiosity. A must have to use it with a flint fire starter. Long enough to use it away from fire. A complete bargain.

    May 04,2019

  • itshay Appenshay
    Compact. Works well. Good price.
    This a nice little telescoping rod that works well for directing air flow where needed. Good price as well.

    Nov 22,2018